Environmental Risk Management

The recent Great East Japan Earthquake revealed the need for a major rethink about how companies manage chemical substances, as well as providing some valuable lessons. Earthquakes and other calamities caused by acts of nature can cause serious environmental pollution in addition to direct damage. To prevent such pollution-risk scenarios from occurring, and to minimize the impact of a calamity if it does occur, requires operational guidelines to be introduced. The USHIO Group views addressing environmental risk as an important social responsibility, and the Group works together to implement environmental risk management measures.

Common Environmental Risk Management Guidelines

As a result of the spread of risk management measures in the form of Environmental Risk Management Guidelines to Group bases both in Japan and overseas, Group companies have been inspecting their storage facilities for harmful agents and other substances, and verifying the effectiveness of pollution-prevention facilities. At the same time, they are also creating environmental hazard maps, conducting environmental risk evaluations and promoting use of the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle to reduce the risk of environmental mishaps.

Environmental Risk Management Education at Group Companies

USHIO INC. conducts environmental risk management seminars and environmental risk sensitivity improvement training for management-level employees. USHIO views environmental risk management as one facet of comprehensive risk management, and communicates to employees the importance of day-to-day risk inspections and management.

Creating Hazard Maps and Conducting Environmental Investigations

As an example of our ongoing hazard map inspections, we are conducting environmental risk investigations at the Yokohama Division, Harima Division and other sites to check the chemical storage management and the operational status of the processing facilities. In fiscal 2010 we moved ahead with installing certain types of double covers to prevent leakage from chemical pipes and reservoirs, and converting certain underground facilities to above-ground facilities. We also fully reported on our activities to reduce environmental risks at USHIO at a seminar on “Environmental Risk Management” held by the NPO Kankyo Risk Management Kenkyukai in February 2011 at the Osaka ATC Green Eco Plaza.

Environmental Risk Investigation