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Excimer Lamps and Excimer Irradiation Unit

Excimer lamps (dielectric barrier discharge excimer lamps) filled with xenon gas emit vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) rays of wavelengths 180nm or less wavelengths. This enables it to corse chemical reactions unattainable by a conventional lamp and allows acceleration of the reaction speed.


Single Wavelength

A feature of excimer light emission is that it has only one emission peak; it emits light within an extremely narrow wavelength range, with the peal as its center. This permits efficient radiation of only the UV energy requied for the chemical reaction.

High Efficiency

The lamp's high energy conversion efficiency from power to light (the energy conversion efficiency of a 172nm excimer lamps is 10%) allows generation of high UV energy even at low power.

Instantaneous On/Off

This lamp allows radiation of just the required amount of energy, and only when it is necessary. Therefore, it offers the following advantages for practical use:

  • No shutter required
  • Long effective lamp life

Free Radiation Direction

The lamp mounting direciton is not limited; the system allows radiation of VUV light to substrates arranged upright in order to meet the requirements of a production line.

Spectral distribution

Examples of excimer irradiation unit for semiconductor manufacturing process

Example of excimer irradiation unit for FPD manufacturing process


  • Deelectrification(charge erase)
  • Cleaning HDD disks
  • Ashing resist
  • Ashing resist residue
  • Cleaning plastic substrates
  • Cleaning and improving metal surfaces
  • Low-k cure
  • Assessment of PDP phosphor
  • Cleaning befor analysis and assessment
  • Gas dissolution
  • Oxide film
  • Drying
  • Pasting glass and film
  • Improvement of fibers
  • Promoting adhesion for organic EL encapsulating tubes
  • Work function improvement of organic EL encapsulating tubes

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