Green Procurement

USHIO seeks to realize a sustainable society and to protect the environment. We ensure that our products comply with international standards and laws and regulations in each country to minimize their environmental impact.

We also refrain from using or procuring components and materials that harm the environment.

Under USHIO green procurement, we will comply with laws and regulations as well as establishing our own procurement standards, and work together with our customers and suppliers to achieve them.

Green Procurement Plans and Achievements, and Initiatives Ahead

Fiscal 2017 Plan

(1) USHIO will reliably implement the framework that applies to equipment products, new products and procuring parts and materials overseas, and extend it to all Group companies and business sites. In particular, we will focus on equipment and new products.
(2)USHIO will enhance the framework to further improve the efficiency of the management of chemical substances in products, targeting all Group companies and business sites, and new products.

Fiscal 2017 Achievements

(1) USHIO implemented the framework that applies to equipment products, new products and procuring parts and materials overseas. All Group companies and business sites conducted a questionnaire survey to understand the current level, introduced the initiatives at the Harima Division and Gotemba Division, and made improvements.

(2) USHIO started the full-fledged operation of the business software (ECODUCE2) to further improve the efficiency of the management of chemical substances in products, targeting new products.

Initiatives Ahead
Fiscal 2018 Plan

(1) USHIO will operate and maintain the management of the green procurement standards based on the framework and system for managing chemical substances in products.

(2) USHIO will flexibly change the framework of its equipment products, while incorporating customer requirements, industry information (SEAJ, JAMP), and suchlike. We will inform our suppliers of this in a timely manner, and go through the optimum cycle to collect accurate information.

* Chemical Substances Management System (CMS): A management system for chemical substances in products
* Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan (SEAJ)
* Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium (JAMP)

Selection of High-Risk Materials

USHIO is taking steps to ensure compliance with REACH regulations, which will increase regularly going forward. Specifically, we have carried out full scale environmental surveys for 80% of the materials that we have purchased regularly in the past. In fiscal 2011, we formulated new USHIO Group Integrated Procedures for the Management of High-risk Suppliers, Determination of High-risk Materials, and the Operation of X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometers. These procedures were then introduced also to our operating bases overseas, mainly in Asia.

CMS-Using a Chemical Substances Management Database

USHIO has worked with suppliers to receive environmental documentation for all parts and materials in line with green procurement standards. The number of substances targeted by the REACH directive has grown, and market demands and changes, including additional regulations, have rapidly accelerated, leading to a greater burden on our suppliers. USHIO also uses a database to review the chemical substances contained in lamp products and products that contain many components targeted for review, as well as manages the data entered. USHIO is responding to regulations concerning a wide range of harmful chemical substances in products.

CMS Chemical Substance Management System Database Operation

USHIO has constructed a shared database for the Group to store information on environmental data on components submitted by customers, chemical substances specified under the REACH directive (currently 173 substances as of January 2017), and data on banned substances. The database can be browsed by anyone in the Group. At the same time, USHIO is compiling data on multiple products created by the same manufacturer using the same raw materials to construct systems to reduce the amount of labor spent on surveys and producing information materials at suppliers.

The environmental response forms that USHIO submits to customers cover a wide range of questions. Therefore, we have adopted a database to enable data coordination, storage, verification and calculation, as well as to improve turnaround times and data precision with regard to chemical substances contained in products. Through this initiative we seek to respond to various changes in environmental laws and regulations such as revisions and additions, and achieve implementation that will reduce the burden on our suppliers.

Development of CMS

As our production sites move offshore amid increasingly global corporate activity, our suppliers are also becoming global. For this reason, in fiscal 2010 we began developing a structure for surveying chemical substances contained in products, centered on our Group companies in China. In fiscal 2011 we succeeded in establishing a common database with our Chinese Group companies, and are working to enhance its management through regular meetings. We also visit local suppliers together with representatives from our Chinese Group companies to hold study sessions on how to fill out surveys on chemical substances contained in products.

Green Procurement Standards

At USHIO, we have established Green Procurement Standards to guide material purchasing, and these standards are posted on our website. While complying with the RoHS directive and other laws and regulations specific to each country, we stipulate our own list of chemical substances with an environmental impact, and comply with both internal and external requirements relating to chemical substances contained in products. Under the Green Procurement Standards, we issue forms for self-assessment of standard compliance systems, and request that our business partners put in place an Environmental Management System (EMS). From March 2008 we also joined the JAMP consortium and become involved in creating industry-wide systems.

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Chemical Substances Management System (CMS) for Equipment Products

USHIO produces and sells a large number of equipment products. In the equipment market, a list of controlled chemical substances in products has been established based on international standards in recent years, and it has become essential to address those substances. CMS for equipment products, which comprise many different components, necessitate many complex work processes, including obtaining and managing environmental materials and preparing materials for submission, in order to address the environmental aspects of these components. To resolve these challenges, we will formulate steady and efficient environmental measures.