Green Procurement

At USHIO, we have established Green Procurement Standards to guide material purchasing, and these standards are posted on our website. While complying with the RoHS directive and other laws and regulations specific to each country, we stipulate our own list of chemical substances with an environmental impact, and comply with both internal and external requirements relating to chemical substances contained in products.
We issue forms for self-assessment of standard compliance systems, and request that our business partners put in place an Environmental Management System (EMS).


ーWe have changed our requirement on the documents we ask you to submit (*) based on the necessary information for the survey of our products categories since May, 2018.
   * Former requirement : chemSHERPA, non-use certificate of prohibited substances, and SVHC survey sheet.

ーIn fiscal 2017, the format of the chemical substances in products survey has been changed.
 USHIO has switched survey requests from the AIS format of JAMP to the new information transfer format of chemSHERPA.
 For more information, please click on the links below.
 → Notice of change in format for chemical substances in products survey

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  Quality Assurance Division

  Please send us inquiries from the Requests and Inquiries section of our website.

Green procurement document downloads

Green Procurement Standards

* Instructions for Filling Out chemSHERPA (Supplement 2) are compliant with chemSHERPA Version 4.01.00.
* Appendix 4 Survey Report of SVHCs Stipulated by REACH Regulation is compliant with 191 substances as of September 2018.


USHIO plans to make additional revisions to our reporting requirements for suppliers with regard to SVHCs Stipulated by REACH Regulations each time the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) makes an announcement. USHIO may on occasion ask for reports before revisions are finished for all documentation.

chemSHERPA tool can be downloaded from this URL

chemSHERPA website