USHIO's Management Philosophy and CSR Management

USHIO's Management Philosophy
and CSR Management

  • Management Philosophy
    • The section offers Management Philosophy of the USHIO Group

  • Toward Realizing a Sustainable Society
    • The section offers toward realizing a sustainable society

  • 10 Action Guidelines as a Member of Society
    • The section offers 10 action guidelines which express the types of conduct we aspire to be based on our management philosophy

  • Corporate Governance System
    • Basic Policy

    • Corporate Governance Framework

    • Business Audits

  • Compliance
    • Compliance with Laws and Regulations Related to the Security of Exports

    • Awareness Raising Activities

    • USHIO Helpline

    • Information Security

    • Risk Management

    • Protecting Intellectual Property Rights

    • Initiatives for Prevent Corruption

  • CSR Procurement Initiatives
    • CSR Procurement Plan, Achievements and Future Initiatives

    • Awareness-Raising Activities for Our Suppliers Regarding All Human Rights Associated with Business Activities across the Entire Supply Chain

    • CSR Procurement Survey

    • Checking for Conflict Materials

    • Saving Energy, Conserving Resources and Preserving Biodiversity in Business Activities throughout the Entire Supply Chain

    • Contributing to Initiatives through Corporate Collaboration within Industry Bodies