USHIO Group Support for Culture and Learning

The USHIO Foundation

The USHIO Foundation was established in 1994 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the founding of USHIO. As globalization progresses, the foundation will contribute to society by assisting the development of the next generation of human resources, including overseas students, who will be responsible for leading the world in the future, and promote further interaction and mutual understanding between Japan and other countries.

In fiscal 2017, the foundation provided scholarships to 46 graduate students (including overseas students) and 13 students in specialized courses at colleges of technology. So far, 549 scholarship students have been supported, and we continued to focus on calling for scholarship applicants from schools in areas affected by the Kumamoto Earthquakes.

Successful Scholarship Recipients at a Certificate Bestowal Ceremony

Establishment of a Scholarship Fund at Suzhou University in China

USHIO (SUZHOU) CO., LTD. signed an agreement in January 2009 with China's Suzhou University to establish the Suzhou University USHIO Scholarship Fund. Every year, a number of students are awarded scholarships. To date, a total of 230 students have benefited from the Suzhou University USHIO Scholarship Fund.

Meeting together with the scholarship students

Accumulated Number of Students Awarded Scholarships

Fiscal year Number of men Number of women Total
Fiscal 2010 15 20 35
Fiscal 2011 12 23 35
Fiscal 2012 12 23 35
Fiscal 2013 11 24 35
Fiscal 2014 5 15 20
Fiscal 2015 8 12 20
Fiscal 2016 7 18 25
Fiscal 2017 7 18 25
Total 77 153 230