Working Together with Customers

We strive to think from the perspective of our customers and provide products and services with appealing quality that goes above and beyond run-of-the-mill quality.

Product Development Related to Biomedical QOL Improvement

The TheraBeam® UV308 excimer light phototherapy device, which uses ultraviolet light to treat skin disorders, was the Biomedical Business Division's first product. Since then, USHIO has obtained the legally required permits and expanded into other business fields, ranging from medical equipment to external diagnostic reagents.

Moreover, together with a Group company and a clinical diagnosis company, USHIO has launched a blood analyzer business for the early detection of risks for contracting colorectal cancer and diabetes, diseases that are afflicting an increasing number of people. These risk analysis operations can lead to the preventative treatment of diseases by halting their progress, thereby improving quality of life and reducing medical expenditures.

Initiatives for Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer Service Center Initiatives

At our Customer Service Center, we take the customer's viewpoint and prioritize stable operation of customers' equipment and customer satisfaction. We work to provide them with confidence and safety, on time, while continuing to take various measures to ensure that we retain their trust and reliance.

Recently, more and more of the end users for our equipment products are spread throughout the world, so we are taking steps to enhance our local service systems through links with our bases in the US, China, Taiwan, and South Korea. While strengthening our local service systems, we will seek to provide enhanced proposal-based services. We will continue striving to enhance service products and provide the value that customers require to increase customer satisfaction even further.

Creation of Business Models with IT

In fiscal 2017, USHIO reorganized its IT division. In the fields of the administration of internal IT systems, security and education, USHIO has reorganized and further strengthened its organization, including by updating platforms that contribute to business, adding roles for adapting to new business models and promoting innovation through internal business process reforms.

As new added value for existing business models, USHIO has become aware of automation with IT solutions, and started activities aimed at creating solutions to enhance productivity and quality for the IoT business, and for its customers that possess manufacturing sites.

BCP Initiatives

USHIO commands extraordinarily large market shares for many of its light source products used in various industries. Recognizing our important responsibility to ensure stable supplies of these products, we have been actively promoting business continuity plans (BCPs).

In April 2012, USHIO established the BCP Committee as an entity for the entire Company and formulated a business continuity plan for its key bases in the light source business, while starting to build a framework for mitigating damage and quickly recovering from a natural disaster and collaborating with other bases.

In April 2014, we created the USHIO BCP, an integrated business continuity plan for the entire Company that covers all of its bases. This BCP defines the organizational entities that oversee labor, capital procurement and public relations, and calls for periodic drills and training for these entities in a constant review of the structure and its responsiveness. Through training sessions, we spread awareness of our BCP activities to other layers of the organization. Looking ahead, we will address issues related to our response to additional risks, such as damage from natural disasters and incidents caused by people, as well as the proliferation of BCPs throughout the Group.