CEO Message

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With strong conviction and determination,
we will continue on our path
forward to becoming a
“Light” solutions company.

Founded in 1964, Ushio’s first business was the manufacture and sale of lamps. Since then, we have created numerous products within the light domain. Light will remain at the core of our sustainable development going forward and, to that end, we have established our Mission to “promote the use of light as illumination and energy to support human well-being and societal growth.” We will achieve this by refining the technologies we have cultivated since our founding.
To date, we have sought to expand our market share by creating quality products that customers need and by continuing to refine the performance and quality of such products. Going forward, Ushio must examine significant social issues that we can contribute to resolving using our technology and base our future innovations on these issues. I believe this will increase our economic value and, as a result, we can realize sustainable enhancement of corporate value. Based on this belief, we have established our Vision to “become a ‘Light’ solutions company.” Additionally, we established Five Management Focuses, which will help lead to the realization of our newly established Mission and Vision 2030, and identified important issues that relate to each focus. Going forward, we will promote ESG management that incorporates these five focuses.
One of these focuses is “creating businesses with greater social value.” For this focus, we have established Industrial Process, Visual Imaging, and Life Science domains as our three domains through which we will aim to offer social value. In the Industrial Process domain, we will contribute to the manufacturing activities of our customers, starting with semiconductors, and promote digital transformation efforts. In the Visual Imaging domain, we will step up efforts toward our core business of Imaging Equipment, which serves cinema and other entertainment fields. Through such efforts, we will pursue high added value that offers people thrilling excitement, emotion, and inspiration. Furthermore, in the Life Science domain, we will help our customers create new services with the aim of creating a safe, secure, and healthy world. We will take steps to create businesses that lead to sustainable growth for both society and Ushio based on such themes as combating global warming, resolving food issues, and working to extend people’s healthy life expectancies, which are all issues that affect humankind as a whole.

I believe Ushio will truly become a light solutions company that will continue to be needed by society, and we will be able to increase both social and economic value and share such value with all of our stakeholders, thereby realizing sustainable growth. I have a strong belief in the path toward becoming a light solutions company that I have discussed in this message. As a person who has been entrusted with the management of the Company, I will work toward achieving this future with a strong conviction and determination.

I would like to ask all of our stakeholders for their continued support and guidance as we continue on our path forward to becoming a light solutions company.

June 2023
Koji Naito
President and Chief Executive Officer
Ushio Inc.