To Our Investors

Since the day of our founding in 1964, we have consistently provided unique technologies, products and services as a company that brings innovation to “light.” We have sought to do this by unraveling the functions and applications of light across a broad range of wavelengths—from ultraviolet, to visible, to infrared light, among others—and giving them form. Over the years, we have created a host of world-first products that have gone on to achieve leading market shares internationally, most notably in fields such as industrial processes, visual imaging, and the life sciences.

The potential of light still today has yet to be fully explored, and USHIO strongly believes that there is much more that light can do.
Determined to embody the thinking and the ideal implied in the corporate slogan “Bring Light to Life” that we developed based on our management philosophy, we will contribute to solving social issues and realizing a future and a culture beyond imagining. At the same time, we will sincerely fulfill our social responsibilities through CSR and diversity activities, and will work harder than ever before to achieve sustainable growth and improve corporate value.

Your continued support will be vital to our success going forward.

President and CEO