Charge neutralization systems

Charge neutralization systems
  • Modification
  • Curing and Bonding
  • Semiconductors

Strong, deep ultraviolet irradiation neutralizes electric charge on EPROM and Flash memory. Neutralizes electric charge that can be problematic for plasma processing.

UV charge erasure
Intense deep ultraviolet irradiation neutralizes electric charge on substrates. This system has been adopted in semiconductor manufacturing lines, with over 700 units delivered.
High-intensity uniform irradiation
Guaranteed initial illuminance is 650 mW/cm2 (at 220 to 320 nm) with ±10% uniformity.
Easy lamp unit replacement
System downtime is reduced because no adjustment is required when replacing the lamp unit.
Extensive product lineup
Supports all work cassettes including 6-inch systems (5-inch or less also available), 8-inch systems (6-inch or less also available), and 12-inch dedicated systems. An 8-inch system with an excimer lamp is also available.
Charge neutralization (EPROM, OTP, Flash memory)
Pre-deposition charge neutralization
Charge neutralization to avoid plasma processing problems and more

H120 series 12-inch special-purpose equipment Equipped with SEMI-compliant load port to adopt EFEM. GEM300 compliant.
H208 series Support 8-inch and 6-inch devices

Installed light source