Manual type contact/proximity aligners UX-1 Series

Manual type contact/proximity aligners UX-1 Series
  • Litho-Patterning
  • MEMS, Electronic Components
  • Semiconductors
  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • Printed Circuit Board and PKG

This mask aligner uses light source and optical technologies developed by Ushio over many years.
This exposure device supports not only ihg rays, but the deep UV range as well.

【Component Technology】

- Includes the world's number one super high-pressure UV lamp

- Our own irradiation optical system boasting a high degree of uniformity

High resolution
The highest line-space resolution of 1 um (vacuum hard contact) is achieved. Proximity lithography achieves high line-space resolution of 3 um at 20 um gap. Line width stability is also excellent with high stage flatness and gap stability. We can propose the best optical system to achieve the optimal resolution for each lithography mode according to the material.
Achieves high overlay accuracy
Overlay precision: achieves ±1 um during surface alignment, and ±1.5 um during back side alignment. High-precision registration accuracy is achieved by optimal alignment lighting and image processing software techniques to suit various substrates and alignment marks.
Evaluation system for LCD photosensitive materials
Utilizing Ushio's light source technology, our LCD color filter exposure light source has secured a large market share.   We can propose simple lithographic systems for shipping inspection of LCD photosensitive materials using this technology.
Crystal oscillators
SAW filters
RF devices
Inkjet heads
Power semiconductors
Power amps
BAW filters
Acceleration sensors
Passive components
Solar cells
Materials evaluation
Resist evaluation and more

Model list

Installed light source

Note Regarding Exportation

This equipment (or technology) may be subject to security controls under the provisions of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law, and in order to export the equipment or technology (or to conduct transactions for the purpose of providing the technology to a non-resident or foreign country), it may be necessary to obtain an export permit (or permission to implement service transactions) from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. Be sure to contact us in advance for confirmation.