CSR Procurement Policy

Ushio is meeting its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen by supplying superior products and services to the global market through free and open corporate activities, promote ESG management, and work to overcome issues.

For its procurement activities, in the spirit of encouraging coexistence and co-prosperity, Ushio has defined the five points below as the Ushio CSR Procurement Policy, encapsulating its respect for laws, social norms and environmental protection.

Similarly,regarding the supply chains of its key suppliers, Ushio asks suppliers to conduct their procurement activities with full understanding of Ushio's own CSR Procurement Policy.

1.Human Rights Alongside Occupational Health and Safety

We respect the fundamental human rights of all people, with an eye to living in a society where people of diverse personalities and values can be accepted and work together.

 * In particular, Prohibit of child labor , prohibit of forced labor bans, no discrimination, respect for the right to freedom of unity, respect for the right to collective bargaining, reduction of overwork hours, payment of fair wage, health and safety initiatives.

At your company and your supply chain comply , along with respect for laws and regulations, we ask that you properly safeguard both the working environment and occupational health and safety.

2.Environmental Consideration, Green Procurement

In order to realize a sustainable society, we take steps to protect the environment and effectively utilize resources, together with supplying society with environmentally conscious products.

 * Environmental conservation means conservation of biodiversity, reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG such as CO2), reduction of waste, prevention of pollution of soil, air and water quality.

At your company, we ask that you implement environmental management through efficient use of energy and water resources, reduction of CO2 emissions, reduction of waste, reduction of environmental load such as pollution prevention, and efforts for biodiversity conservation, and manage chemical substances included in products, and supply parts and components in conformance with the relevant laws (or standards or qualifications).

3.Ensure Product Safety

We supply safe, quality products and services that are competitive in the global market.

At your company, please consistently strive to maintain and improve quality and pursue related research and development.

4.BCP (Business Continuity Planning)

We recognize supply stability as an important social responsibility. Accordingly,we believe it is important to consider in advance and prevent the emergence of situations that could disrupt supply stability, and to recover as quickly as possible should such circumstances unavoidably arise.

We ask that your company also strive to develop a BCP structure. To this end, we request that you prepare a business continuity plan (BCP) designed to avoid interruption of critical operations in the event of large-scale disasters or other events and achieve recovery in the fastest possible timeframe. We also ask that you grasp the supply chains of your own suppliers and take voluntary steps to ensure supply stability.

5.Fair and Equal Transactions, Legal Compliance

We conduct transactions with companies that respect social norms and comply with the law.
Similarly,we respect the position and rights of our suppliers, conduct sound, fair and equal transactions, and cultivate both mutual cooperation and relationships of trust.

At your company, we ask that you properly understand the law, develop a system for responding in a timely manner to legal revisions and other social changes, and strive for sound corporate management.

6.Information Security

In recent years, the utility and importance of information have grown, as have social responsibilities in relation to it. One of the most important issues today is protecting with certainty personal information handled in the course of business activities, corporate information, and other information assets from the threat of leakage, unauthorized alteration or other problems. Furthermore, based on our recognition that information is an asset that generates value in its own right, and is a source for enhancement of corporate value, we are promoting improved information security awareness among employees and the deployment of risk management and other key systems.

At your company, please strive to develop an adequate information management system, and prevent leakage of confidential information to outside parties.

  (*) Supplementary explanation

We will provide the CSR procurement policy in the required language(Language of contract, etc.).

The CSR procurement policy is based on the Ushio's  Environmental Policy.