Environmental Data

Ushio Group's Environmental Accounting

(Millions of Yen)

Category Major Activities Costs Investment in Environmental Equipment Actual Estimated

Pollution prevention
Costs and Benefits

Wastewater treatment facility management
Management of sewerage systems
Alkaline liquid-waste treatment facility

8.9 0 0 0

Global environmental conservation
Costs and Benefits

Air conditioning equipment improvements

Adoption of LED lighting

43.2 1.4 1.1 0

Reuse of resources
Costs and Benefits

Industrial waste processing and transportation

Lamp materials recycled

3.5 0 11.8 0

Upstream / downstream activities
Costs and Benefits

Improvement of management system for chemical substances in products

Chemical substance regulation survey

0.6 0 0 0

Management activities
Costs and Benefits

Environmental management system maintenance and management

Disclosure of environmental information (reports, corporate website)

21.6 0 0 0

Costs and Benefits

Development costs for environmentally conscious products

Development of single light sources

122.6 0 0 0

Social contributions
Costs and Benefits

The Ushio Foundation Support for environmental activities of educational institutions

8.5 0 0 0

Response to environmental degradation
Costs and Benefits


0 0 0 0

Fiscal 2020 total

239 1.4 13 0

Ecological Balance

Each year we numerically determine the environmental load of the entire Ushio Group, and use these figures to reduce environmental load, and also check the effectiveness of environmental management. Load information for each site is constantly tabulated and monitored using ECO-SYS (Environmental Management Information System), and this aids reduction of loads through real-time collaboration with each site. Going forward, the Group is working to better understand environmental burden not only in terms of business activities, but also from a carbon management perspective.

Fiscal 2020
Manufacturing Energy Energy (GJ) 739,520
Electric power (10,000 kWh) 7,513
Town gas (㎥) 933,718
LPG (kg) 20,894
LNG (kg) 143,183
Water (m³) 312,327
Chemicals (t) 9.0
Transportation Fuel (L) 75,805
Fiscal 2020
Manufacturing Atmospheric Emissions CO2 (t-CO2) 33,378
Waste Total output (t) 881
Final disposal volume (t) 157
Sewage Sewage (m³) 304,430
BOD (kg) 3,497
COD (kg) 2,581
Chemicals (t) 9.0
Transportation Atmospheric emissions (t-CO2) 283
  • Period: April 1, 2020- March 31, 2021

  • Scope: Companies covered by consolidated environmental management

  • Chemicals (PRTR): Total volume of chemicals emitted or moved

*Electric power to CO2 conversion factor: In Japan: Applied separately for each electricity provider by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment; Overseas: IEA「CO₂ emissions from fuel combustion 2013」.

*No greenhouse gases other than CO2 were emitted.

*Fuel is used to transport products (by truck) and by people using commercial vehicles (company cars) etc.,

Environmental Performance Trends by Site

Status of EMS Construction (Ushio Group’s ISO14001 Certification)

Ushio Inc. and Japanese subsidiaries

Company/division name ISO14001 certification received
Ushio Inc. 1997
Ushio Lighting Inc. 2003
ADTEC Engineering Co., Ltd. 2006
*XEBEX Inc. 2008

* Non-production business sites

Overseas subsidiaries

Company/division name ISO14001 certification received
Ushio Philippines, Inc. 2004
Ushio (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. 2005
*Ushio Taiwan, Inc. 2006
*Ushio Korea, Inc. 2006
Ushio America, Inc. 2007
Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc. 2007
Christie Digital Systems Canada, Inc. 2007
*Ushio Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. 2007
*Ushio Hong Kong Ltd. 2008
*Ushio Shanghai, Inc. 2009
Ushio (Shaoguan) Co., Ltd. 2015

* Non-production business sites