Green Procurement

Green Procurement Standards

At Ushio, we have established Green Procurement Standards to guide material purchasing, and these standards are posted on our website. While complying with the RoHS directive and other laws and regulations specific to each country, we stipulate our own list of chemical substances with an environmental impact, and comply with both internal and external requirements relating to chemical substances contained in products. Under the Green Procurement Standards, we issue forms for self-assessment of standard compliance systems, and request that our business partners put in place an Environmental Management System (EMS). 

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Chemical Substances Management System (CMS) 

Ushio has worked with suppliers to receive environmental documentation for all parts and materials in line with green procurement standards. The number of substances targeted by the REACH directive has grown, and market demands and changes, including additional regulations, have rapidly accelerated, leading to a greater burden on our suppliers. Ushio also uses a database to review the chemical substances contained in lamp products and products that contain many components targeted for review, as well as manages the data entered. Ushio is responding to regulations concerning a wide range of harmful chemical substances in products.

CMS System Database Operation

Ushio has constructed a shared database for the Group to store information on environmental data on components submitted by customers, chemical substances specified under the REACH directive, and data on banned substances. The database can be browsed by anyone in the Group. At the same time, Ushio is compiling data on multiple products created by the same manufacturer using the same raw materials to construct systems to reduce the amount of labor spent on surveys and producing information materials at suppliers.

Currently, we are conducting surveys and responding to chemicals contained in the chemSHERPA at our worldwide manufacturing factories.