Introduction of new communication tool U-spot

In August 2021, Ushio introduced U-spot, a new communication tool  that allows employees to send messages of "appreciation", "praise", and "encouragement" to each other for their contributions to the company's business, along with "peer bonus" points that can be used to receive gift voucher. This is not limited to direct contributions to business performance, but also aims to increase employee motivation by putting a spot light on the jobs that seem "good/like" and the small contributions that tend to be filled.
In the post-introduction questionnaire, 76% of employees responded "I felt positive by sending or receiving messages." This leads to increased motivation.
In the future, we plan to expand the program to domestic and overseas Group companies and hold awards.
Through U-spot, we hope to foster an organizational culture that fosters mutual recognition, learning, and enhancing each other, which is our HR's vision, and to create an organizational structure that continues to take on challenges.

Cultural and Sports Clubs

Ushio has a Culture and Exercise System with around 40 active clubs including a Marathon Club and a Reading Club. The Company provides subsidies and other support for club activities as a way of helping employees to improve their health, increase their cultural education and development, and enjoy communication and refreshment with one another.