About the sustainability Website

The Ushio CSR/Society and the Environment website presents information about the past, present and future of the Ushio Group's CSR activities. Ushio aims to create the website in a manner that makes the content easily readable for all stakeholders. In addition, this Ushio website has pages consistent with international initiatives and endeavors to report in detail in a comprehensive manner.

The online edition of our Sustainability Report is an educational tool that takes into consideration the internal and external environment of the Company, and presents the initiatives that Ushio considers to be particularly important in its ESG management activities. When creating it, we examine the interests of those who will read the Ushio Report and the crucial matters to report in it. We have tried to edit the report so that it serves as a gateway to our Ushio sustainability website, which is a detailed and comprehensive educational tool, and our Online Annual Report, which focuses on presenting financial information.

Through this website and our Ushio Report, Ushio aims to promote communication with all stakeholders through the dissemination of information about the Ushio Group's sustainability initiatives.

Ushio Report

Consistency with International Initiatives

* Ushio’s fiscal year starts on 1st April and ends on 31st March