Laser Diode(LD)


Integrating more than 40 years of optical semiconductor technologyCombining Hitachi's former optical semiconductor business with other solid state technology acquisitions, to build an advanced division in which the abundant experience commanded by each entity can be shared under one roof.

July 2014 Ushio takes over Oclaro‘s industrial laser diode including red, violet, and infrared laser diode business and establishes Ushio Opto Semiconductor, 100% owned by Ushio.
July 2016 Business integration with Ushio Epitex, which is engaged in the LED business, 100% owned by Ushio Inc.
April 2020 Business integration with Ushio Inc.

This business integration will enable us to respond quickly and accurately to the varied needs of our customers, the evolving business environment, and is expected to further accelerate the expansion of our light source business.


Product Development History (Laser Diode)

1978 IRED awarded “IR100”.
1979 830nm LD awarded “IR100”.
1980 World first shipment of 830nm LD.
1983 World first shipment of 830nm high power LD for Optical Disc.
1984 World first shipment of 780nm LD for printer.
1989 Started 670nm LD shipment for pointer
2005 Started shipment of high efficiency Red LD with Air Ridge Structure
2006 World first shipment of 640nm/40mW LD and 642nm/60mW LD
2007 World first shipment of 642nm/80mW LD
2008 World first released of 642nm/150mW LD for Show Laser and 705nm/50mW for Medical
2010 World first release of 638nm/120mW LD for small Projector
2011 Started shipment of Violet high power (404nm/400mW) LD for industrial market.
2013 Started shipment of 633nm/100mW LD for Biomedical and Inspection
2014 Started shipment of 638nm/700mW LD for Projector and Laser TV.
2015 Started shipment of 405nm/1W LD for industrial market.
2018 Started Shipment of Violet high power single mode LD ( 405nm / 300mW ).
2019 Started shipment of world highest power of 638nm 3.5W(Pulse) LD for display market.
2020 Started shipment of high power of 200mW 660nm LD for sensing & measurement industries