Laser Diode(LD)


UV・ Violet Laser Diode | 375nm-405nm / 150mW(CW)~3.5W(Pulsed)

  • We have a wide variety of products ranging from 50mW to 600mW, including a multi-mode 1W laser diode HL40033G, which has one of the world's highest output powers in the 405nm class.
  • We offer the HL40071MG single-mode 405nm laser diode with a maximum optical output of 300mW.
    This product has been adopted for various sensing applications, such as flow cytometry and so on.
  • We are currently developing a 375nm / 200mW (CW) multi-mode product HL37013MG, which has the shortest wavelength in our company, and is expected to be used for DI lithography equipment for SR (solder resist) and other bio-medical applications.

Violet Laser Diode Example Characteristics

The HL40113/115MG has significantly improved WPE*1, slope efficiency*2 and overall service life compared to the previous model.

HL40113MG Spec sheet

HL40115MG Spec sheet

  • Violet Laser Diode Example Characteristics
  • Features & Benefits

    • High slope eficiency in 405nm 600mW range.(1.53mW/mA)
    • Low operating current:500mA Typ.
    • Low operating voltage: 4.2V Typ.
    • Built-in monitoring photodiode (HL40115MG)
    •  Small Package:φ5.6mmCAN


    • Direct Imaging
    • Processing
    • Measurement
    • Biomedical

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