Laser Diode(LD)


Red Laser Diode | 630nm-690nm / 5mW(CW)~3.5W(Pulsed)

Ushio's red laser diodes use AlGaInP-based materials to emit red light in the wavelength range of 630nm to 690nm, with an optical output of 5mW to 3.5W. These red laser diodes are used as light sources in a wide range of applications such as displays, bio-medical equipment, sensors, and printers because of their high output, high efficiency, excellent beam quality, and high reliability.
Particularly in recent years, in order to improve the performance of these devices, there is a need for red laser diodes with higher output, higher temperature operation, lower power consumption, and longer life.
Ushio has developed products with the world's highest level of performance by combining the crystal growth technology and knowledge that we have been developing over the years - enhanced crystal quality and an optimized epitaxial layer.

January 2019, we launched the HL63520HD, the world's highest pulsed light output of 3.5W at a wavelength of 638nm, as a red light source for projectors.

This product was awarded the 12th Annual Laser Society Industry Award for Excellence in 2020.

October 2019, we commercialized the HL65213HD, the world's highest CW optical output 1.2W at 659nm wavelength for biomedical light sources.

January 2020, we have commercialized the world's highest single-mode CW optical output of 200mW / 400mW pulsed optical output, HL65221DG, with a wavelength of 660 nm, for sensors and biomedical light sources.

We will continue to improve the performance of our products and propose products that meet the needs of our customers.

Single mode example

HL65221DG / HL65222DG / HL65223DG : 660nm 200mW (CW) / 400mW (Pulse)

  • conventional product
    conventional  product
  • New development
    New development
  • Features & Benefits

    • High output power (200mW CW, 400mW pulsed)
    • High reliability
    • Longer lifetime (MTTF 10,000h)
    • Stable performance through built-in monitoring photodiode


    • Sensing
    • Photoelectric sensor
    • Distance measurement
    • Time of flight sensor (TOF)
    • Machine vision
    • 2D/3D Scanning
    • Bio-medical
    • Genetic testing / Flow cytometry

Multi mode example

  • I-L Curve (CW)
    I-L Curve (CW)
  • I-L Curve (Pulse)
    I-L Curve (Pulse)
  • Features & Benefits

    • High power (2.4W CW, 3.5W pulse)
    • High reliability
    • Longer lifetime (MTTF 20,000h)


    • Display
    • Show laser
    • Bio medical

News Link

Academic Conference

"USHIO 3.5W red laser diode for projector light source," Proc. SPIE 10939, Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers XVIII, 109391I (1 March 2019);

"Single-mode 200mW 660nm to 690nm red laser diode for sensing and medical application," Proc. SPIE 11301, Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers XIX, 1130105 (24 February 2020);