Laser Diode(LD)


Far-red ( IR )Laser Diode | 700nm-850nm / 40mW(CW)~50mW (CW)

  • The 700nm laser diode is the world's first near-infrared laser diode developed by Hitachi opto devices, who are now succeeded by Ushio, and is used in many applications, including biomedical applications such as optical topography (*1).

Traditionally, it has been difficult to shorten the wavelength range to 700nm while maintaining the temperature characteristics of LDs in the 780nm band (GaAlAs), which have been used in light sources such as CDs.
By using our in-house crystal growth technology based on the new material (InGaAsP), we have achieved a 56% improvement in temperature characteristics (To) compared to the conventional GaAlAs-based products, and have developed a new type of light source with a shorter wavelength range of 700nm.
We have successfully commercialized the world's only product of this type.

Our unique design technology enables us to produce 800nm laser diodes with high quality beam characteristics.
This product has become a long-selling product and has been widely praised by many customers for applications requiring high accuracy, such as night vision and sensors.
Since the product is equipped with a monitor PD, it is also suitable for applications that require a fixed output.
We offer two wavelengths, 830nm and 852nm.

(*) Optical topography
A technology that uses near-infrared light to measure and visualize non-invasively the activity of the brain and the pattern of changes in blood flow in the cerebral cortex on the surface of the brain using harmless near-infrared light.
This optical topography is covered by insurance in the field of neurosurgery and also in the field of psychiatry as an aid in the differential diagnosis of depression.

Far-red Laser diode

  • HL7301MG / HL7302MG 730nm 40mW (CW)

    HL7301MG / HL7302MG 730nm 40mW (CW)
  • Features & Benefits

    • High performance in temperature dependence
    • Low threshold current, Low operating current
    • High reliability
    • Stable performance through built-in monitor photodiode


    • Sensing
    • Photoelectric sensor
    • Time of flight sensor (TOF)
    • Bio-medical
    • Genetic testing / Flow cytometry