Laser Diode(LD)


Multi beam laser

  • Ushio's red multi-beam laser diodes have been used mainly for laser printers and we have been supplying customized red beam laser diodes to various customers for more than 15 years and over 13 million units have been shipped so far.


2 to 8 beams of monolithic laser diodes can be mounted in a single package (Figure 1).
Wavelength: Typically 660 to 670nm
Each beam can be driven independently.
A wide range of laser diodes are available.
Low crosstalk and droop due to low threshold current, which is a concern with multiple beams.

※ Droop characteristics: Semiconductor lasers have a characteristic of decreasing optical power as the temperature rises, and if the laser is driven at a constant current, the output power drops with the duration of drive time due to its own heat generation.
This phenomenon is called the droop characteristic.

(Figure 1)
Figure 1

(Figure 2)
If the 4-channel emitters are configured as monolithic, in the wavelength measurement example, a wavelength difference of ±1.5 nm is achieved.

  • Figure 2
    4-beam LD:Example of spectrum measurement
  • Peak wavelength
    LD1 671.8
    LD2 671.7
    LD3 671.6
    LD4 671.9