Power supply technology

Providing a stable supply of high-quality, highly efficient optimum light

When developing lamps and other light sources, the technologies for lighting power sources become very important in ensuring that the products achieve their optimum potential. Ushio has developed technologies for various lighting power sources, together with lamps and lasers with wavelengths ranging from 10 nm to the order of 3 nm.

  • Technologies for making devices compact, lightweight and highly efficient

    The unique soft switching technology, together with the technology for generating superposed high-frequency, wave-based, no-load voltage and other technologies are used to create devices that are compact, lightweight and highly efficient.

  • Function advancement

    Highly advanced control that suits the lamp discharge mode and status, function to allow external control by communicating the lamp and power source status to external parties, and others.

  • Low-noise, start-up technology

    Start-up technologies using DC starter technology to reduce surge and noise from high-voltage pulses are used to start discharge lamps using an external trigger rather than an igniter.

  • Low-damage lighting

    Control technology covering the entire scope of discharge from start up to consistent discharge minimizes the damage to discharge lamps, especially during the early start-up phase.

  • Wide range of output

    Technology to provide switchable lighting power for discharge lamps spanning a wide range of power outputs from several watts to several tens of kilowatts.

  • Highly stable and efficient driving technology for discharge lamps

    DC lighting for short-arc super high-voltage mercury lamps and highly stable arc driving technology using U-Drive for AC super high-voltage mercury lamps, both of which offer highly stable arc driving for discharge lamps; technology that enhances efficiency using waves with special waveforms for driving dielectric barrier lamps; and light intensity stabilization technology through the use of optical feedback.

  • Wide range of technologies for driving discharge lamps

    Drive methods that maximize the performance of a wide range of discharge lamps with vastly different discharge systems, applications, power consumption and other attributes.

  • Environmental measures

    Measures to ensure compliance with the RoHS Directives and other environmental regulations and directives, such as elimination of lead, have been initiated in the development of products to reduce the environmental load; the promotion of environmentally friendly products through assessment and LCA evaluation for environmentally friendly products starting at the design phase.

  • Compliance with safety standards

    Ushio products comply with UL, IEC, CSA, the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law and other safety standards.