Light source technology

Ushio's light source technology
From infrared to extreme ultraviolet, from lamps to LEDs and lasers

Since starting out in 1964 as a manufacturer of industrial light sources, Ushio has worked to develop and find applications for a huge variety of light source and optical technologies. Through these efforts, we have expanded the depth and breadth of our optical technologies to include not only lighting, but also high-tech industries and other innovative science and technologies. These cutting-edge technologies have been utilized widely in both the light and energy fields. Today, Ushio is a manufacturer of light sources with an extensive product lineup ranging from far infrared rays to vacuum ultraviolet lamps, from lamps, LEDs and EUV. The company has earned a strong reputation for its light applications in areas such as leading-edge electronics involving semiconductors and liquid crystal, as well as visual applications and images, office automation and lighting. We strive to remain a world leader in these areas.

Basic research

The company conducts research into the materials necessary for developing light sources using various types of analysis.

Diverse range of technologies used in analysis

We utilize a diverse range of unique equipment and technology in carrying out analysis, enabling us to efficiently develop advanced light sources, materials and applications.

Technologies for evaluating the optical properties of light sources

We evaluate the full range of properties necessary to develop light sources, such as measurement of the intensity distribution and spectral distribution of light from vacuum ultraviolet to infrared rays.


Ushio has developed unique simulation technologies for measuring and assessing thermal and gas flows inside light sources, which is very useful in the development of new light sources.

Development of light sources having extended wavelength bands

The company has developed lamps, lasers and other light sources with wavelengths ranging from 10 nm to the order of 103 nm.