Laser Diode(LD)

Product and Technology USHIO OPTO SEMICONDUCTORS Introduces High Output Power Red Laser Diode for Laser Projector


USHIO OPTO SEMICONDUCTORS, INC. (UOS), a global provider of optical devices, subsidiary company of USHIO INC., started selling of the two types of LDs for Laser Projector which are HL63283DG and HL63290HD.

Background Laser light source projector becomes popular from the feature of high brightness, high color gamut and long life.UOS has been supplying 700mW Red laser diode over last few years for projector.UOS achieved the two types of LDs which have high optical output power at high temperature and long lifetime by optimizing active layer, emitting area and adopting high heat dissipation package.

About the Product Product features and descriptions of each LD are as follows.(As for detail specifications, please see datasheets.)

HL63283HD achieved 637nm, 1.2W CW / 1.5W Pulse of industry-leading*1 by applying of single emitter.
HL63290HD achieved 638nm, 2.2W CW / 2.5W Pulse of industry-leading level*1 by applying of dual emitters.

These LDs give the flexibility to your projector design by selecting suitable optical output power and emitter size.They will contribute to make projector much higher brightness, higher color gamut and longer lifetime.

  • 1 Oct, 2017 An internal investigation

Product description Tc=25℃

Item HL63283HD HL63290HD
emitter quantity 1 2
Optical output power(CW) 1.2W 2.2W
Optical output power(Pulse) 1.5W*2 2.5W*3
Lasing wavelength 637nm 638nm
Operating temperature -10~45°C -10~55°C*4
Package f9mm CAN package
  • 2 Pulse condition : Pulse frequency=50Hz, duty=33%
  • 3 Pulse condition : Pulse frequency=120Hz, duty=30%
  • 4 Operating temperature of CW mode; -10~45°C

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