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Product and Technology The Highest Optical Output Power 200mW Single Transverse Mode Red Laser Diode with Monitor Photodiode HL63391DG and HL63392DG


USHIO OPTO SEMICONDUCTORS, INC. (UOS), a global provider of optical devices, subsidiary company of USHIO INC., has launched HL63391DG and HL63392DG into the market which are the highest optical output power 200mW single transvers mode laser diode at 639nm in 5.6mm small package with monitor photodiode*1 for Industrial use.

Background The laser diodes which have features such as excellent directivity, narrow monochromaticity and small size, are suitable as light sources for various optical applications. Especially the 630~640nm red laser is suitable for laser leveler, distance meter, positioning sensor and medical application.
UOS has been supporting these markets with a broad product lineup of 630~640nm red and optical output power from 5 to 200mW with single transverse mode.
Now, UOS is introducing the new 200mW single transverse mode red laser diode HL63391DG and HL63392DG which have less power consumption by optimizing the laser structure, active layers and facet coating. Also, these products have photodiode built in for optical output power monitoring .

About the Product

  • The highest optical output power 200mW single transverse mode 639nm in 5.6mm small package with monitor photodiode.
  • Reduced power consumption by 12% compared with a conventional UOS equivalent product.
  • Selectable from 2 types of internal circuit which are cathode common (HL63391DG), anode common (HL63392DG).


  • Laser module
  • Leveler
  • Measurement
  • Medical equipment
  • Light source for optical equipment

Product description 1. Absolute Maximum Rating (Tc=25oC)

Item Symbol Rated Value Unit
Optical Output Power(25oC) Po(25oC) 200 mW
Optical Output Power(60oC) Po(60oC) 120 mW
LD reverse voltage VR (LD) 2 V
PD reverse voltage VR (PD) 30 V
Operating temperature Topr -10~+60 oC
Storage temperature Tstg -40~+85 oC

2. Optical and Electrical Characteristic (Tc=25±3℃)

Item Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit Test Conditions
Threshold current Ith - 65 80 mA -
Operating current Iop - 255 290 mA Po=200mW
Operating voltage Vop - 2.8 3.3 V Po=200mW
Beam divergence
Parallel to the junction
q// 5 8.5 13 deg Po=200mW,FWHM
Beam divergence
Perpendicular to the junction
q^ 10 14 18 deg Po=200mW,FWHM
Lasing wavelength lp 633 639 643 nm Po=200mW
Monitor current Is 0.4 0.8 1.3 mA Po=200mW, VR(PD)=5V

Internal circuit of HL63391DG, HL63392DG

HL63391DG HL63392DG
  • 1 As of March 2018 by UOS’s market investigation.

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