Laser Diode(LD)

Product and Technology Ushio launches new series of high-temperature 660nm laser diodes


In February, Ushio Inc. will be releasing a new single mode series of 660nm laser diodes (LDs) featuring an increased high-temperature operation of up to 90°C. Providing optical output power of 100mW (CW)/200mW (pulsed), HL65241DG/242DG/243DG will have an operating temperature specification range of -10°C to 90°C, making this series well-suited to sensing and biomedical applications.
Within the sensor market, 5G and IoT-related applications are currently experiencing rapid growth, bringing a steadily-increasing demand for semiconductor and electronic components along with it. Due to the effects of the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, manufacturing companies are investing in production automation in an effort to improve their production efficiency, while the demand for FA sensors is also growing in logistics-related industries. In particular, photoelectric sensors with LDs are widely used as non-contact sensors to check for the existence and recognition of 2D and 3D objects.
Due to these increasing number of applications that require high-temperature operation and reliability, Ushio has worked to improve the temperature characteristics of our 660nm LDs within the high-temperature range through the optimization of our crystal growth conditions. As such, we have successfully raised the maximum operating temperature from current product’s 75°C to 90°C, thereby creating added value, increased reliability, and differentiation of equipment within the field of high-end sensors.

Features of HL65241DG/HL65242DG/HL65243DG

・Optical output power: 100mW (CW), 200mW (pulse)
・Lasing wavelength: 660nm
・Operating temperature: -10° - +90° C
・Single transverse mode
・TE mode oscillation
・Selected built-in monitoring photodiodes available
・Three different connection types available (CC, AC, or FN)


・Φ5.6mm CAN package
Product image HL65241DG HL65242DG      HL65243DG     
■Typical Characteristic Curve
Output Power (CW) vs Forward Current Output Power (Pulse) vs Forward Current Far field Pattern
・HL65241DG Data Sheet
・HL65242DG Data Sheet
・HL65243DG Data Sheet



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