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Announcements Provision of product lifecycle status for Ushio Laser Diodes


Ushio Inc will now announce the product lifecycle status of our laser diode (LD) products on our website, and in product datasheets, in order to make it easier for our customers to identify and select our new, improved products.
We thank our customers for referring to this information when considering our newly designed products.  


1.Product life cycle status information

Ushio has defined five levels within the product lifecycle, from the development phase to discontinuation. Please refer to the chart and the definition of each status level.

1)Product lifecycle status levels


2)Definition of each product lifecycle status level

Product Status Definition
Under Development    Currently under development. Samples are available.
 Mass Production    Currently in mass production and able to supply.
    Not Recommended for New Design    
   Mass production is still ongoing, but there is alternative product available.
   For new designs and adoptions, alternative products are recommended instead of NRND product.   
Last Time Buy
   Production is scheduled to be ended and final orders are being accepted.
   Six months after EOL notification is the standard final order acceptance period.
   No longer being produced or offered


3)Information on the website and datasheets 

The status of products in the NRND and DISCONTINUED lifecycle levels will be displayed alongside the part number on the product information pages of our website.

<Example of information on website> 

<Example of information added to datasheets>
In the case of products in NRND lifecycle stage, a page will be added to the datasheet stating that the product is in NRND status with the information of the alternative product.



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