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Product and Technology Ushio Releases Highest Output Power of 640 nm Laser Diode with 3.8 mm small Package


Ushio Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of HL63653TG red laser diode (LD), which is suitable for compact projectors, levelers, and laser modules achieving the world’s highest output power of 200 mW in the 640 nm wavelength class in a small 3.8 mm package.
The demand for small projectors, represented by pico projectors and mobile projectors, is growing for a variety of applications due to the increasing need for handy and portable electronic devices.
LEDs and LDs are used for the light sources of these compact projectors. In particular, pico projectors that use LDs have advantages over LEDs, such as high luminance and a wide color gamut, and are focus-free.
Currently, LDs are required to offer even higher output, smaller package, and performance such as high reliability and high power conversion efficiency*1 in order further downsizing, weight reduction, and power saving of small projectors, while taking advantage of those advantages.

405 nm laser diode compatibility preserved while Zener diode adds improved versatility

Nowadays, in order to realize further downsizing and power saving while maintaining those advantages, LDs are required to have higher output, smaller package, and higher performance such as higher reliability and higher power conversion efficiency*1.With this background, Ushio has developed and commercialized the HL63653TG, which achieves 200 mW optical output at a wavelength of 640 nm while maintaining the existing small 3.8 mm package.

【HL63653TG Features  (comparison with conventional products)】
1)    Increased optical output:120 mW → 200 mW (Tc = 25℃)
2)    Higher efficiency: 6-point improvement in power conversion efficiency (26% to 32%), contributing to lower power consumption
3)    High-temperature operation: Optical output at Tc = 60°C: 90 mW expanded to 120 mW
4)    High beam quality: Aspect ratio improved by 21%, contributing to improved efficiency of beam intake into the optical system
As a "light" solutions company, Ushio will continue to provide excitement to people through visual imaging and lighting technologies.

*1  conversion efficiency from input power to optical output power.

 Optical output power    200 mW ( 25℃)
   120 mW ( 60℃ ) 
 Lasing wavelength  640 nm
 Wall plug efficiency※1  32%
 Beam divergence  -10 to 60°C
 Transverse Mode  Multiple transverse mode
 Oscillation mode  TE mode oscillation
 Package  3.8mm CAN Package

  • ・Direct Imaging 
    ・3D printing

  • ・3.8mm package
  • HL63653TG

  • ■Typical Characteristic Curve
  •      Output Power (CW) vs Forward Current          Far field Pattern

  • Datasheet


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