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Product and Technology Ushio Announces Sample Shipments of 850nm, 250mW High Power, High Efficiency Infrared Laser Diodes for Night Vision and Distance Measurement Sensors


USHIO today announced that sample shipments of HL85022MG series laser diodes (LDs) featuring high output, high efficiency and excellent beam quality as an infrared light source for night vision sensors and distance measurement sensors have just begun.

LDs using wavelengths in the infrared range have been applied in a wide range of fields, including telecommunications, metrology and medicine.

In particular, infrared LDs in the 800 nm infrared range are used as a light source for infrared illumination applications such as night vision and as a sensor light source for distance measurement, as represented by triangulation and 3D sensing.

Ushio offers a line-up of 50 mW products that have achieved high-quality beam characteristics in the 830 nm and 852 nm bands using our unique design technology, and these have been well appreciated by a large number of customers.

In recent years, there has been growing demand for longer range and higher performance in night vision applications, as well as the practical application of LDs for long-distance measurement sensors using the ToF (Time of Flight) method.

To meet these market requirements, LDs in the relevant wavelength band are required to have even higher output power and efficiency without losing their good beam quality.

Therefore USHIO has developed the HL85022MG series with a wavelength of 850 nm by redesigning the conventional chip structure and expanding the optical output power to 250 mW while maintaining ideal Gaussian shape good beam quality.

With this additional line-up added to its 800 nm band product range, USHIO will contribute to safer, more secure society in the future.

■Product specifications (Tc=25℃)

 Optical output power    250mW ( CW )
 Lasing wavelength  850nm
 Wall plug efficiency※1  35%
 Operating temperature  -20 to 75°C
 Transverse Mode  Single transverse mode
 Oscillation mode  TE mode oscillation
 Package  5.6mm CAN Package
※1 Conversion efficiency from input power to optical output power.

・Night vision
・Laser module

  • ■Package
    • ・5.6mm CAN Package
    • HL85021MG HL85022MG HL85023MG

    • ■Typical Characteristic Curve
      •    Output Power (CW) vs Forward Current    Far Field Pattern

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