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Product and Technology Ushio Broadens Range of 1.2W High-Power Laser Diodes in 630-690 nm Red Wavelength Band 
Enhancing applications in medical and healthcare fields, including photodynamic therapy and skin treatment


Ushio has expanded its portfolio of high-power laser diodes (LDs) in the 630 to 690 nm red wavelength band, introducing five new wavelengths to the existing lineup of 1.2 W LDs. This range proves highly versatile in medical and healthcare applications, particularly in photodynamic therapy (PDT) and skin treatment.

In recent years, non-invasive light-based cancer therapies like PDT and photoimmunotherapy (PIT) have garnered attention. These treatments necessitate lasers with specific wavelengths corresponding to the peak absorption wavelengths of photosensitizers. Examples include 635 nm for 5-aminolevulinic acid (5-ALA), 664 nm for sodium taraporphine in PDT, and approximately 690 nm for phthalocyanine compounds (IR700) in PIT. Red LDs with high watt-class power and seamless coupling to optical fibers are crucial for these light sources.

Ushio previously launched the 659 nm 1.2W LD "HL65213HD" in 2019, followed by the 675 nm and 690 nm 1.2W LDs "HL67203HD" and "HL69203HD" in 2022. Responding to market demands for expanded wavelength options, we have introduced five new wavelengths (630 nm, 635 nm, 652 nm, 665 nm, and 683 nm), bringing our product lineup to a total of eight offerings.

Leveraging Ushio's unique technologies in red wavelengths, these products boast 1.2W high power, 40% high wall plug efficiency, and a remarkable 10,000 hours of operational life. Additionally, the emitter size is kept relatively small at 80μm width, enabling efficient coupling of laser beams to optical fibers. This not only contributes to downsizing but also ensures low power consumption and extended equipment life.

With these new additions, Ushio remains committed to contributing to the realization of a safe and secure society by enhancing the quality of life in the medical and healthcare fields.

■1.2W Multimode LD Lineup product features

Product name


Lasing wavelength

  Optical output power  

Emitter width

Internal circuit
  HL63703HD *1 630 1.2 80

9mm CAN
Internal circuit

  HL63713HD *1 635
  HL65293HD *1 652
  HL65213HD *2 659
  HL65303HD *1 665
  HL67203HD *2 675
  HL67213HD *1 683
  HL69203HD *2 690

*1 New product lineup. As samples available
*2 Mass-production。
*3 Click on the product name to view the respective datasheet of the product

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