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Product and Technology Ushio Launches High Power Red Laser Diodes with World's Highest Optical Output Power 4.2 W Pulsed


  • Ushio Inc. has developed the "HL63680HD," red laser diodes (LDs) for projectors that achieve the world's highest optical output power of 4.2 W pulsed*1 at wavelength of 638 nm*2. Shipments are scheduled to commence in February 2024.
  • This innovative LD will be exhibited and showcased at Ushio's booth 4929 at Photonics West 2024, taking place from January 30 to February 1, 2024, in San Francisco, California, U.S.
  • Photonics West 2024 Jan.30 - Feb.1, 2024

  • In recent years, laser light source projectors have gained popularity across various applications, including cinema projectors, laser TVs, and home projectors, owing to their capacity for superior color reproduction and high efficiency. More recently, laser light sources have been under consideration for cutting-edge technologies aimed at enhancing safety in automotive applications, such as augmented reality head-up displays (AR-HUD) utilising hologram technology.
  • Ushio has been actively developing red LDs for use as light sources in these projectors. In 2019, the company launched the HL63520HD (wavelength 638 nm, pulsed 3.5 W, continuous wave (CW) *3 2.4 W), setting a milestone as the LD with the world's highest optical output power of 3.5 W in pulsed mode, contributing significantly to the proliferation of laser projectors.

  • The market's demand for higher power at elevated temperatures and increased Wall-plug efficiency*4 for red LDs has grown. Red LDs, owing to their material properties, are sensitive to temperature changes, necessitating adequate cooling, resulting in larger equipment or reduced brightness due to insufficient heat dissipation.

  • In response to these market needs, Ushio has successfully enhanced performance at high temperatures by refining and optimising chip structures. This achievement allows the HL63680HD to attain the world's highest optical output power of 4.2 W in pulsed mode at a high temperature of 45°C, with the world's highest Wall-plug efficiency of 45%*2 in 638 nm pulsed operation at 25°C.

  • This product is poised to contribute to creating astonishing and exhilarating experiences, ensuring safety and security, and supporting societal progress and happiness.

    1. World's highest optical output power of 4.2 W in pulsed mode at a high temperature of 45°C, with a lifetime MTTF*5 exceeding 20,000 hours. This contributes to high brightness of projectors.

    2. Achieved the world's highest Wall-plug efficiency of 45% at 25°C in pulsed operation at 638 nm. This accomplishment contributes to lower power consumption and the miniaturisation of projectors.

  • 3. Achieved an optical output power of 3.0 W in continuous wave operation, with a lifetime MTTF exceeding 20,000 hours. Suitable for installation in both pulse- and CW-operated projectors.

    4. The emitter size and package match the conventional product (HL63520HD), making it easy to replace the existing product.

    *1 Oscillation of optical output power at given repeated intervals.
    *2 An internal investigation as of January 2024
    *3 Continuous oscillation of given optical output power.
    *4 Ratio of optical output power to input power during pulse operation.
    *5 Abbreviation for Mean Time To Failure.

    ■Product specifications (operating temperature Tc=25°C)
     Pulse optical output power     4.2W (Pulse, f=240Hz, duty=40%)
     CW optical output power  3.0W
     Wall-plug efficiency    45% (Pulse, f=240Hz, duty=40%)
     Wavelengt  638nm 
     Operating temperature     -10°C to 55°C
     Beam divergence angle       12°x 30°(FWHM)
     Transverse mode  Multi transverse mode
     Oscillation mode      TM mode
     Package  9mm TO-CAN package

  • ■Typical Characteristic Curve
    •    Optical output power vs. Forward current  



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