お知らせ Photonics West 2023 Jan.31 - Feb.2, 2023 




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SWIR Bare Chip

 ・N-up Chip: Ushio epitex’s most advanced tailor-made LED chips for your application.
 ・Flip Chip: Smaller, brighter SWIR chips enables future products.


 ・New structure SWIR LEDs: High-power SWIR LEDs ideal for pulse-driven applications.
 ・1900nm: New wavelengths with good water absorption joins our SWIR line-up

New Package

 ・COB :
  Compact and easy-to-use high-power illuminator with 16pcs High Power LED Chips.
 ・CSP(Compact Sized Package) :
 A compact size high power LED package with small footprint enables high density mounting

 ・8 in 1 Package: 
 A compact size multi-wavelength LED package combines maximum 8 chips/wavelengths. Ideal for applications such as multifunctional vital sensing.

Laser Diode

LD’s for Sensing and measurement , Biomedical , Life Science, illumination , AR/VR/MR , Quantum technology 

・Single mode 

   405nm, 175mW for particle counter, 3D scanner, 3D printer etc.
   639nm, 200mW for leveling, show laser, flow cytometer, pico-projector etc.
   658nm, 80mW(CW)/300mW(Pulse) for ToF sensor etc.
   675nm, 200mW for laser cooling and trapping etc.
   690nm, 200mW for optical lattice clock etc.

・Multi mode

    638nm, 1.5W for Entertainment , Illumination ,  Biomedical
    675nm, 1.2W for Skin Care
    690nm, 1.2W for photodynamic therapy (PDT), photoimmunotherapy (PIT)


Paper 12440-43 / 2 February 2023 • 10:30 AM - 10:50 AM PST
Title: Red laser diodes explore the future of biomedical and quantum technology
M. Hagimoto et al.