お知らせ LASER World of Photonics 2023 Jun.27 - Jun.30, 2023




   Come visit us at Booth B2.260.
 Experience the Latest in Laser Diode and LED Technology, with Ushio experts

・At LASER World of Photonics 2023, visitors to Ushio Europe’s booth can expect to explore a wide range of solid-state
   lighting processes and products, including the extensive laser diode and LED collection. 

・Key focus areas will be near-infrared (NIR: 700–1000 nm) and short-wavelength infrared (SWIR: 1050–1750 nm) 
    solutions for LEDs, and Ushio’s expanding range of laser diodes with cutting-edge features. 

・The latest laser diode developments include several world-firsts & broken records, while the introduction of temperature-
    resistant and further miniaturization to Ushio’s laser diode collection brings advancements for compact projectors, 
    quantum technology, biomedical devices, and 3D printing.    

・Ushio’s European Photonics Solutions Sales team, at LASER World of Photonics this year, is Ardan Fussmann,
    Maaten Gerkes, and Olaf Brokmann from Ushio Europe, and Kazuaki Yano, Natsuki Horiuchi from Ushio Japan.

・We are thrilled to announce that Ushio has been shortlisted for the prestigious Laser World of Photonics 2023 Innovation Award in the category of
    Quantum Technologies.
    This recognition underscores Ushio’s continued commitment to pioneering advancements in photonics and quantum technology solutions.

 ・Ushio’s entry, the high-power 700 nm laser diode, was acknowledged for its exceptional performance and reliability in the
    Quantum Technologies category. This groundbreaking technology, featuring single-mode, continuous wave (CW) 200 mW red laser diodes with
    5 nm wavelength increments from 660 nm to 705 nm, stays out among a field of cutting-edge innovations.

 ・The final winner of the Innovation Award will be announced live on June 27 at Laser World of Photonics.

    Come and visit us in hall B2 #260 – and meet the Ushio Europe photonics solutions team.
    We are looking forward to welcoming you.

LASER World of Photonics 2023: 200mW CW laser diode - Ushio Europe B.V