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Product and Technology New high-efficiency laser diodes for distance measurement sensing


Ushio Inc. has recently launched our new high-efficiency, low operating current HL65261MG series laser diodes (LDs). This addition to our 660nm product line enables the continued expansion of sensor devices equipped with red LDs as their light source.

Laser distance sensors span a wide range of industrial uses, from traditional applications in construction and civil engineering to emerging needs for the factory automation (FA) of manufacturing lines, logistics systems, and unmanned operations. In particular, Time of Flight (ToF) laser distance sensors use a red or infrared laser as their light source, providing a long detection distance of several tens of meters, as well as high accuracy positioning capabilities. 

In ToF sensor applications, high pulsed light output is required to support highly accurate, long distance sensing. However, there is also a demand for improved LD efficiency and lower operating current in order to create more efficient measurement devices (e.g. photoelectric sensors). 

In an effort to meet these rising market demands, Ushio has reviewed the chip structure of our existing 660nm products. Through the improvement of light utilization efficiency and significant reduction of the reactive current, we have successfully improved the wall plug efficiency by 25% and reduced the operating current by 35% for the HL65261MG series.

Features of HL65261MG series (Tc=25°C)

・Optical output power: 80mW (CW), 300mW (pulsed – pulse width: 10ns, duty: 10%)
・Lasing wavelength: 658nm
・Wall-plug efficiency*: 34%
・Operating temperature: -10° - +60° C (CW); -10° - +75° C (pulsed)
・Single transverse mode
・TE mode oscillation
・MTTF >10,000 hours
*The energy conversion efficiency with which the system converts electrical power into optical power.

・ToF sensor (distance sensor)
・Photoelectronic sensor

・Φ5.6mm CAN package
Product image HL65261MG HL65262MG      HL65264MG    
■Typical Characteristic Curve
Output Power (CW) vs Forward Current
Tc=0, 10, 25, 35, 45, 55, 60℃
Output Power (Pulse) vs Forward Current
Pw=10ns, duty=10%
Tc=0, 10, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75℃
Far field Pattern


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