LED chip/package

epitex series epitex

Our "epitex" series LED covers a wide range of wavelengths in the ultraviolet (UV), visible, and infrared (IR) spectra, from 365 nm to 1750 nm, based on reliable technological experience developed over 30 years.
You can select the suitable LED wavelength for your application, with shorter wavelength emitters available in 20 nm increments (below 1000 nm), and longer wavelength emitters every 50 nm (over 1000 nm).


  • Broad wavelength output range.

    Covering wavelengths from UV (365 nm) to visible and infrared (1750 nm). You can select from a vast line-up to guarantee both fine wavelength selection and multiple wavelength combinations. Photosensors can be provided according to the light source as well.

  • Top quality LEDs at your disposal

    Ushio owns whole process internally, from epi formation to packaging process. Utilizing our expertise, we provide products that meet the demands of the application, such as multiple wavelengths & photodiode in 1 package in the desired size from more than 1500 LED configurations, as well as customised designs.

  • Low volume orders are accepted

    Ushio offers flexibility to deliver the required quantity, from small lots in the early stages of development, to mass production. Whereever you are, we can utilize the Ushio Group's global network to deliver the products you want.