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Ushio's epitex series has been producing and selling SWIR LEDs for over 15 years, and has achieved the world's highest output and efficiency.
We can offer the customization of SWIR wavelength in increments of 10nm with a variation of up to ±10nm to suit your needs.
The ideal optimal solutions are ready for each customer's application with variations in SWIR wavelength (1000nm to 1750nm),
chip size, lens type, etc.

We have released a new website dedicated to SWIR LEDs. To learn more about SWIR LEDs, please visit https://swir-led.com.

epitex SWIR Wavelengths Lineup

epitex UV Wavelengths Lineup

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(absorption, transmission, etc.)
Wavelength (nm) Application examples
Absorption of water (ice) 1400-1500(water)
Liquid level sensor, Food (Water content) inspection, Road condition sensor
Absorption of sugar 1500-1800 Fruit/Vegetable inspection (Optical sorting), Blood glucose sensor
Absorption of cholesterol 1700-1800 Blood fat sensor
Absorption of proteins 1450-1800 Food quality inspection (Optical sorting)
Absorption of ethanol 1150-1250, 1400- Blood alcohol concentration checker
Absorption of oils 1700-1800 Oil sensors (content, quality)
Absorption of plastics 1350-1800 Inspection of plastic product, Optical sorting for plastics (recycling)
Transparency of Si wafer 1100- Alignment in wafer process, Wafer inspection, Solar panel inspection
Transparency of fog, haze (longer wavelength have higher transparency) Illumination for security camera in foggy/dusty condition
Reflection of melanin (longer wavelength have higher reflectivity) Human detection (for ADAS etc.)