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Business Overview

Equipment Business

Basic Strategies

Field Main Products Basic Strategies
Target Measures
Imaging equipment
  • Digital cinema projectors
  • Digital projectors for general imaging, control rooms, simulators, digital signage and virtual reality systems
Expand the total solution business
  • Establish solution provision-type business model
  • Establish stable revenue model
Optical equipment
  • Optical equipment for manufacturing semiconductors, flat panel displays and electronic components (lithography equipment, photo-cleaning units, optical alignment equipment, and others)
  • UV phototherapy devices and other medical devices
  • EUV light source equipment for semiconductor inspection and development applications
Structural reform for constant profit
  • Revise Group strategy

Financial Results

In the imaging equipment field, sales were slightly lower for general imaging but grew for cinema-related business as laser projector uptake advanced and digital cinema projector (DCP) shipments rose due to the continued expansion of digital cinema screens in developing countries, centered on China.

In the optical equipment field, sales grew for projection lithography equipment for electronic devices. Sales also rose for optical alignment equipment for high-definition LCD panels for mobile applications, fueled by sustained demand for higher-definition small- and medium-sized LCD panels.

As a result, equipment business sales were ¥98,828 million, an increase of 17.4% year on year. Segment income was ¥1,726 million.

Initiatives Ahead

Graph: Breakdown of sales

In imaging equipment, we anticipate broadly flat DCP sales volume. Further, we expect to increase sales of laser projectors due to the spread of Dolby Cinema™ Moreover, we forecast growth for the total solutions business from cinema and general imaging.

In optical equipment, we believe the sales volume of projection lithography equipment will be on par with the current fiscal year. However, we expect optical alignment equipment shipments to grow, driven by continued demand for higher-definition small- and medium-sized LCD panels.

Sales 2015 2016 2017
Imaging equipment ¥60.3 billion ¥70.3 billion ¥81.0 billion
Optical equipment ¥21.2 billion ¥25.9 billion ¥28.0 billion
Illumination and related facilities ¥2.3 billion ¥2.4 billion ¥2.5 billion