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Light Sources Business

Medium-term Management Plan for Light Sources Business

Graph: Light Sources Business, Net Sales Actual and Plan

  2016 (actual) 2017 (plan) 2019 (plan)
Discharge lamps
(including solid state light sources)
63.4 63.5 79.0
Halogen lamps 13.7 13.0 13.0

Business Environment and Measures

Field Business Environment & Strategy Measures
UV lamps + Promote differentiation (high efficiency, long-life)

Maintain profitability and grow sustainably

  • Existing business: Maintain share and improve manufacturing costs
  • New business: Aggressively enter into growth markets
- Mature market
Lamps for cinema + Increased demand in developing countries
- Tougher price competition
Lamps for data projectors + Increase share by strengthening low-end position
- Low market growth
New business field + Participate in growth fields such as environment, hygiene, automotive
Solid state light sources + Strengthen lineup to expand into new fields

Business Domains in the Solid State Light Source Business

We will establish our own unique position in the solid state light source market by specializing in six business domains centering on the Industrial Process domain.

Figure: Business Domains in the Solid State Light Source Business