Founding of Ushio, Inc.
Ushio’s 268 employees (average age: 23) were believers in the “possibilities of light.”


Ushio Inc., established

Xenon long-arc lamps for illumination

The high illumination performance of these compact lamps has been widely acclaimed both at home and abroad.

Xenon short-arc lamps for Illumination

World’s first large outdoor advertising lighting using xenon short-arc lamps (Keio Department Store rooftop)


Halogen lamps

Developed Japan’s first halogen lamp

Horizontal operation type Xenon short-arc lamp for cinema projector

Light efficiency was increased by changing lamp orientation from vertical to horizontal. Since then, horizontal operation lamps has become mainstream. (Photo: Holizontally operated Xenon Projector at that time. Photo courtesy of Eiki Kogyo.)

Solar simulator

Delivered the first Ushio solar simulator to the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, University of Tokyo.


Ushio America, Inc., established (as a lamp sales base) in the United States

Halogen lamps for plain-paper copiers

Halogen lamps for copiers (for document scanning and toner fixing)


Yokohama Division established in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture

“Unimask 101” IC lithography equipment

At a time when the contact method was mainstream, became first in the world to put the projection method to practical use. The origin of Ushio’s current UX Series lithography equipment.


30kW Water-cooled xenon short-arc lamp for solar simulators

World’s largest output at the time

Halogen fog lamps for use in automobiles


Founding of Ushio, Inc.

At the time of its founding, Jiro Ushio was 33 years old, and the average age of his employees was 23. At a time when light’s only use was for illumination, Ushio focused on applying light not only as illumination, but as a form of energy, and has since introduced light for many different applications as a “light specialist.”


Japan’s period of rapid economic growth
Ushio’s breakthrough in optical technology accompanied rapid changes in technology and culture.


Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)

Harima Division, established in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture

Search light (Xenon short-arc lamp)

Installed in the Tower of the Sun, symbol of Expo '70, Osaka


Moved head office to Otemachi business district in Tokyo

Laser-pumping high-power xenon flash lamps for nuclear fusion experiment

Standard halogen light bulb

Recognized at the CIE (International Commission on Illumination) convention. Ushio light becomes a global standard


“U-PANAPLEX” multi-digit electronic display tube

Optical information display systems, the forerunner of devices such as today’s liquid crystal displays

“SPOT CURE” Spot UV irradiation units

Low concentration measuring system / Critical dimension measuring system


Halogen fish light "Squid Light"

Five times longer life, twice as bright, and half the size of conventional products Ushio’s fishing lights spread to other asian countries


Listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE)

“USP-2” UV water sterilization system

UV water sterilization equipment with built-in low-pressure UV lamps

“UNICURE” UV instant curing system


Large-scale solar simulator for testing satellites

Equipped with 19 water-cooled xenon short-arc lamps and delivered to the National Space Development Agency of Japan (now JAXA). Subsequently participated in the Japanese government’s Sunshine Project.


Deep UV lamp for VLSI photolithography

Reduces wafer baking time from several minutes to just a few tens of seconds.


Light source unit of large-scale solar simulator used for testing satellites

Equipped with 19 water-cooled xenon short-arc lamps and delivered to the National Space Development Agency of Japan (now JAXA). Subsequently participated in the Japanese government’s Sunshine Project. The development of high-power xenon short-arc lamps, optical system design technology, and lighting system design technology established Ushio as the world’s only manufacturer of light source units for solar simulators. In addition, the various technologies developed during project have become the basis for the company’s current optical-related equipment.


Ushio was one of the first in the industry to expand overseas. “Ushio light” has crossed borders and spread throughout the world.


Listed on the first sections of the TSE and OSE (delisted from OSE in January 2010)


U-Tech, Inc., established (as a lamp and industrial machine sales base; currently Ushio Lighting, Inc.)

Metal halide green fish light "Green Beam"


Halogen heater for semiconductor production

Developed for epitaxial crystal film formation. Highly regarded for clean, uniform, and quick energy control that is only possible with light.

“UNILIZER” High-powered UV sterilization system

Arc image furnace


Hyogo Ushio Electric, Inc., established (as a lamp production and a sales base; currently Ushio Lighting, Inc.)

“PHOTOLEX” optical cleaning system

The world’s first photo-cleaning system that removes (dry cleans) minute organic compounds (dirt) from the surface of semiconductors and quartz crystals at the molecular level using ultraviolet light from low-pressure UV lamps. This technology later became the basis for precision photo-cleaning equipment that uses excimer lamps.


UV flash lamp for semiconductor exposure

Compact fluorescent lamps for LCD backlighting
Compact fluorescent lamp for image reader

Metal halide white fishing light

“Handy-Cure” ultraviolet curing system

Compact, handy-type UV curing units for UV inks and paints. Hand-held irradiation makes it possible to irradiate multifaceted three-dimensional objects from all directions.


Ushio Europe B.V., established (as a lamp sales base) in Netherland

“Unihard” ultraviolet photoresist hardening system

A resist curing system for etching pretreatment, Ushio’s first light system built into a VLSI production line. The powerful deep ultraviolet (DUV) light acts quickly, preventing deformation and resist dripping to preserve high precision of fine patterns.


U-Tech, Inc., renamed Ushio U-Tech, Inc.

Ushio Hong Kong Ltd., established (as an optical equipment production and a sales base) in Hong Kong

“UNICURE-COLD” Low-temperature UV instant curing system

“New Spot-Cure” Spot UV irradiation units

A new model developed in 1972 with improved light concentration. Contributes to improved efficiency in the assembly of precision equipment by reducing the time required for precision bonding of electronic and optical components from minutes to seconds.

“Unimeter” accumulated UV meter

Sapphire lamps


Ushio Oregon, Inc., established (as a lamp production and a sales base; currently Ushio America, Inc.) in the United States

Ushio Taiwan, Inc., established (as a lamp production and a sales base) in Taiwan

“Multilight” Multi-purpose exposure unit

A multi-purpose light source unit using a 250 W super high-pressure UV lamp. Equipped with a high-performance integrator (optical unit that provides uniformity of irradiation) to achieve a high degree of irradiation uniformity and center parallelism. This became the main engine of optical devices, such as lithography equipment, that were developed later.

Halogen lamp with infrared reflector film for illumination JVC PLUS COOL


Tsukuba Ushio Electric, Inc., established in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture

Gotemba Division, established in Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture

Ushio France S.A.R.L., established prefecture (as a lamp sales base) in France

TAB exposure system

System for baking high-definition circuit patterns on to film substrates. Substrates in sheet form enable smaller, thinner, lighter, and more flexible notebook computers, mobile phones, and LCDs.

“Sunny” Salon tanning equipment

“Bell Flow” Photocatalytic air cleaner

Fully automated squid fishing apparatus

“Black Light” Far Infrared halogen heater lamp

The surface of halogen lamps is coated with a special ceramic to provide a light source for heaters with an output peak of 3 to 5 micrometers of far-infrared radiation. Expanding into the fields of heating, drying, and cooking, as well as food processing and health care.

Plasma polymerization film replica production system


Singapore Liaison Office upgraded to subsidiary as Ushio Singapore Pte. Ltd. (as a lamp sales base ; currently Ushio Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.)

Compact Xenon searchlight

Wafer peripheral exposure system

Ultraviolet light removes unnecessary resist from the wafer periphery with high precision and sharpness. Significantly improves productivity and process cleanliness of semiconductor manufacture.

Particle inspection unit


Light Without Borders

When the 1985 Plaza Accord brought about appreciation of the yen and depreciation of the U.S. dollar, Ushio immediately began internationalizing its production, launching new factories one after another in Hong Kong, the U.S., the Netherlands, and Taiwan. Ushio’s decision to expand overseas at that time was one of the earliest in the industry.


Utilization of light energy gained speed, contributing greatly to technological innovation in the field of electronics.


Ushio Marine, Inc., established (as a fishery equipment sales base; currently Ushio Lighting, Inc.)

BLV Licht- und Vakuumtechnik GmbH of Germany, acquired (as a lamp production and a sales base ; currently Ushio Germany GmbH)

Heating units for cooking

Metal halide lamp for illumination (single-ended type)

Lighting for stores that need better illumination, such as department stores and large shopping centers that are increasingly moving upscale.

“U-BEAM” Compact Xenon searchlight for maritime applications


Nihon Denshi Gijutsu Co., Ltd., acquired (as an industrial electronic equipment production and a sales base ; liquidated in March, 2017)

“SUV Lamp” Super-high pressure lamp for semiconductor lithography equipment (i-line lamp)

As integration advanced from 4 megabits to 16 megabits, and then to development of next-generation semiconductors (64 megabits), ultraviolet light of shorter wavelength was required for finer circuitry baking. The SUV lamp has a narrow bandwidth peak at the i-line (365 nanometers), enabling circuit baking at four times the scale of a conventional IC of the same size.

Wafer peripheral step exposure unit

Added a step function to the wafer periphery exposure system developed in 1989. Following the chip shape, removes unnecessary resist, a source of waste, from the wafer periphery, enabling waste-free use of the wafer.


The projector division of Christie Electric Corp. of the United States, acquired and Christie, Inc., established (as a projector-related equipment production and a sales base; currently Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc.)

Ushio Deutschland GmbH, established (as a lamp sales base; currently Ushio Germany GmbH) in Germany


Dielectric barrier discharge excimer lamps

World-first productization. Initially intended for photo-cleaning applications in the LCD industry.

Large-area projection lithography equipment

Developed for micro-machining. First attained an irradiation area of 200 mm square (compared to 70 mm square previously) and a depth of focus of 100 microns (compared to several tens of microns previously) by using ultra high-pressure UV lamps and projection lithography technology.

Optical line width measurement system

Dichroic halogen lamp

Super line-cut mirrors with net patterns are used to achieve 1.5 times the light-collecting power of conventional models, energy savings of approximately 20%, and more compact size.


Excimer vacuum ultraviolet (VUV)/O3 cleaning system

This is a fine-cleaning system that uses light to remove stains containing organic compounds, which present a difficult problem for the high-tech field. Compared to wet cleaning with water or chemicals, or dry cleaning with ultrasonic waves or ultraviolet rays (low-pressure UV lamps), it is ten times faster and cleaner, consumes 1/3 the power, and allows lower processing temperatures.

3-dimensional shape production system


Ushio International B.V., established (a holding company) in Netherland

“UNIMARK” marking system


Ushio Phillipinnes, Inc., established (as a lamp production and a sales base) in the Philippines

Ushio Korea Inc., established (as a lamp sales base) in the Republic of Korea

Halogen lamps for use in outer space

Developed for calibration of Ocean Color and Temperature Scanners (OCTS) and Advanced Visible and Near Infrared Radiometers (AVNIR).

Blue halogen lamps for automobiles

UV lamp for liquid crystal lithography

8kW super high-pressure UV lamps developed for LCD color filter lithography. Accommodates increasingly larger substrates. Lamps are also becoming more powerful.

Metal halide lamps for LCD projectors

Arc gap accuracy of 0.1mm, 250W. Forerunner of the NSH lamp, a super high-pressure UV lamp for later-generation projectors


Ushio U.K., Ltd., established (as a lamp sales base) in the United Kingdom

Ushio Research Institute of Technology Inc., established (as an R&D center on light sources and optical devices; liquidated in February 2008)

“Spectro-Radiometer” spectral emission intensity meter

External electrode rare gas fluorescent lamps

Light sources for scanning equipment. Achieves high stability with more than twice the illumination of conventional compact fluorescent lamps, contributing greatly to the higher speed of next-generation digital copiers.


“NSH Lamps” for data projectors

Supports the larger screens and improved image quality of DLP (Digital Light Processing) projectors. High-brightness light source developed based on super high-pressure UV lamps


Taiwan Ushio Lighting, Inc., established (as a lamp production and a sales base ; liquidated in March 2015) in Taiwan

The imaging equipment division of Electrohome Ltd. of Canada, acquired and Christie Systems, Inc. (as a holding company; currently Christie Digital Systems, Inc.), Christie Digital Systems, Inc. (as a digital imaging equipment production and a sales base; currently Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc.), and Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc. (as a digital imaging equipment sales base), established

“UX5” Step & repeat projection lithography equipment for printed circuit boards

High resolution, deep depth of focus projection lens technology with high precision image stacking through new alignment technology that eliminates misalignment, enabling shot-by-shot repeated exposure of large-area substrates.

Digital cinema projectors

The first U.S. film to be screened using a digital projector was “Star Wars.” Digital projectors were first used in Japan in 2001.


Light that supports technological innovation in the field of electronics

The 1990s saw a major technological revolution with the move from analog to digital. In the midst of growing demand for “smaller, thinner, more minute” technology, Ushio’s “light” as a powerful, highly efficient, and clean form of energy has removed many road blocks to technological innovation.


Light as illumination is diversifying and growing in scale. “Ushio light” has been constantly involved in the evolution of visual imaging, including cinema.


Ushio Marine, Inc. merged into Ushio U-Tech, Inc.

Gigaphoton, Inc., established (as a base for development, production, and sales of excimer laser for lithography)


Restructured Christie Group (Christie Digital Systems, Inc., Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc. and Christie Digital Systems Canada, Inc.)

Ushio U-Tech (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. established (as an industrial machinery sales base; later renamed Ushio Lighting (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.; liquidated in March 2010) in Hong Kong

Ceramic xenon lamps(Xenon lamps with internal mirror)

Developed for endoscopes and microscopes.

Flash lamp annealing

Instantaneous heating of just the surface layer in 1/1,000 of a second. Bonding of micro transistors to LSI substrates.


“UX-7” Step & repeat projection lithography equipment


Event Audio Visual Group Inc. of the United States, acquired (as a base for imaging equipment rental business)

Ushio Shanghai, Inc., established (as a lamp sales base) in the People's Republic of China

TAB inspection system

Circuit pattern inspection system for flexible printed circuit boards (TAB). The pattern on the illuminated substrate is captured by a CCD camera and evaluated by image processing.


Ushio (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., established (as a lamp production and a sales base) in the People's Republic of China

Ushio Lighting, Inc. and Ushio U-Tech, Inc. merged with Ushio U-Tech, Inc. being the surviving company with the name Ushio Lighting, Inc.

Ushio Oregon, Inc. merged into Ushio America, Inc.

Christie Digital Systems (Shanghai), Ltd., established (as a digital projector sales base) in the People's Republic of China.

Spray photoresist coater

Continuous, uniform application of resist to three-dimensional surfaces with irregularities as small as 200 micrometers

"ODF" Ultraviolet irradiation system for one-drop-fill LCD panel bonding

Bonding equipment that uses light By replacing the conventional “injection method” with a “drop method,” the process time for bonding glass substrates and sealing liquid crystal is reduced from 10 hours to a few minutes.


Established Hyogo Ushio Lighting Co. (for lamp manufacturing, liquidated November 2012).

Acquired equity interest (50%) in XTREME Technologies GmbH (development, manufacture and sale of EUV light source equipment ; liquidated December 2017) in Germany.

Natrium S.A. of Poland, acquired (as a lamp production and a sales base;currently Ushio Poland Sp. zo. o.)

Foreign substance inspection system for masks/pellicles

Quickly and automatically inspects for foreign matter adhering to the top surface of the reticle and the bottom surface of the pellicle of the reticle of lithography equipment.


“TheraBeam® VR630” infrared ray remedy vessel

Equipped with special metal halide lamps with energy peaks at the 630 nm and 670 nm wavelengths of the infrared region.


Vista Controls System, Corp. of the United States, acquired (as a base for production and sales of visual information processing systems ; integrated to Christie Digital Systems USA in January 2015)


Epitex, Inc., acquired (as an LED production and a sales base;currently Ushio Inc.)

Ushio Shenzhen, Inc., established (as a lamp sales base) in the People’s Republic of China

A 100% equity in XTREME technologies GmbH, acquired to make it a wholly owned subsidiary

“TheraBeam® UV308” Excimer UV phototherapy device

Ultraviolet phototherapy device that uses excimer light for irradiation of affected areas at the 308 nm ultraviolet wavelength. This wavelength is more efficacious than other wavelengths for treatment of conditions such as psoriasis, vitiligo, and atopic dermatitis. The world’s first ultraviolet phototherapy device equipped with an excimer filter, which reduces the risk to healthy skin and enables effective and safe irradiation treatment of affected areas.

Multi-filament heater

Halogen heater lamps with temperature control, developed for semiconductor and solar cell manufacturing applications. These make it possible to deliver optimal heat to required locations, for example, by using independent filaments to raise the temperature in peripheral areas where the tendency for temperature to drop is greater.


Necsel Intellectual Property, Inc. of the United States, acquired (as a base for development, production, and sales of semiconductor laser;currently Ushio America, Inc.)

Luminetx Corporation of the United States acquired (Christie Medical Holdings, Inc., manufacture and sale of medical devices; sold in June 2019).

“SPL-1” LED Spot UV Irradiation Unit

First use of a LED light source in “Spot Cure,” series that has been in use since 1972. In 2011, launched “Spot Cure SPL-2”, a fiber light source LED spot UV irradiation unit.


Changing Lives by Light and Image

Ushio light has supported the cinema industry since the film era, and has continued in this role in the 21st century, supporting its digitalization and the evolution from 2D to 3D, and even 4D. This had contributed to the proliferation of multiplex cinemas and expansion of the cinema market.


“Ushio light” also supports the electronic devices that we use in our daily lives.


Christie Digital Systems(Shenzhen)Co., Ltd., established (as a base for production of digital imaging equipment) in China

A 100% equity in Necsel Intellectual Property, Inc. of the United States, acquired to make it a wholly owned subsidiary (as a base for development, production, and sales of semiconductor lasers;currently Ushio America, Inc.)

“UX4 Series” Full-field projection lithography equipment

Equipped with a projection lens that enables batch processing of large areas. UX4-LEDs for high irradiance LED manufacturing and UX4-ECO for power semiconductor manufacturing were announced in 2010, and UX4-3Di for 3D LSI device manufacturing and UX4-MEMS for MEMS manufacturing were announced in 2011.

“UX5 Series” Large field stepper for manufacturing semiconductor packaging substrate

The UX-5 Series, developed in 1999, was upgraded to meet performance requirements of the current generation. Furthermore, a new modularized design for key functions such as lenses, alignment, light sources, and transport allows for future upgrades and customization on a function-by-function basis.


Transferred all of its shares of Gigaphoton Inc. to Komatsu Ltd.

LED modules for office automation equipment

With only one or two LED chips per module, brightness is equivalent to that of conventional rare gas fluorescent lamps. Furthermore, power consumption is reduced by 75%.

“UV-LED Module” UV light source for inkjet printers that use UV-hardening ink

Compatible with UV inkjet printers, which apply minute quantities of ink directly and without contact, and dry the ink quickly with ultraviolet light. In addition to preventing power loss and productivity loss due to instantaneous ON-OFF control, it provides the long life characteristic of LEDs and is environmentally friendly as it uses no mercury.

“UIT-θ365” Ultra-thin UV irradiance meter

The world’s thinnest, 4.9 mm thin-type ultraviolet illuminance meter. Wireless design eliminates the need for complicated wiring and enables accurate UV irradiance measurement and control under the same conditions as during actual manufacturing, regardless of irradiation conditions such as height limitations and irradiation distance, thereby improving quality of various UV processes.


Christie Digital Systems South America Ltda., established (as a base for sales of digital imaging equipment) in Brazil

Additional shares of Adtec Engineering Ltd.,acquired by TOB to make it a consolidated company.

Changed the corporate name of Ushio Singapore Pte. Ltd. to Ushio Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Ushio America Holdings, Inc., established (as a holding company in North America)

Ushio (Shaoguan) Co., Ltd., established (as a production of lamp) in China

VR Solutions Pty. Ltd. and its subsidiary VR Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., acquired (currently called Christie Digital Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. and Christie Digital Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd., a seller of digital imaging equipment)

Large-Field stepper “UX7-3Di” series for 2.5D/3D packaging

Developed in 2002, the UX-7 Series was upgraded for use in cutting-edge semiconductor device manufacturing for 2.5D packaging applications. Large aperture projection exposure lens with large 78 x 66 mm shot size for 200 mm and 300 mm wafers provides high throughput and significantly lower interposer manufacturing costs for large substrates.

“Min-Excimer” Excimer light Irradiation unit

A5-size excimer irradiation unit that enables desktop excimer light experiments. Enables simple and flexible excimer light experiments such as hydrophilization and surface modification.


Ushio Asia Pacific (Thailand) Ltd., established (as a lamp sales base) in Thailand

Christie Digital Systems Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V., established (as a digital projector sales base) in Mexico

“Point Reader®” Blood analyzer

Japan’s first quantitative analysis of serum ferritin by immunochromatography. Ushio also sells specialized reagents.

“TheraBeam® SuperOsseo” UV curing device for dental implants


Arsenal Media Inc. of Canada, acquired (as a base for planning and creating digital contents)

Ushio Opto Semiconductors, Inc., established (as a base for production and sales of LED and semiconductor laser diode;currently Ushio Inc.)

Additional equity in ADTEC Engineering Co., Ltd.,acquired to make it a wholly owned subsidiary


Coolux GmbH of Germany, acquired (as a base for production and sales of digital contents control equipment)

Maxray Corporation, acquired (as a base for lighting fixture sales ; currently Ushio Lighting Co., Ltd. )

Changed company name of Epitex Inc. to Ushio Epitex Inc.

Allure Global Solutions, Inc. of the United States, acquired (as a base for a provider of digital signage-related solutions; sold in November 2018)

Spot UV irradiation units "Spot Cure® SP-11"

With three times the illuminance of past models, reduces UV bonding process time to 1/3.

Personal absorbance spectrophotometer Picoscope®

Compact personal absorbance spectrophotometer that can be linked to a Smartphones or tablet PC to detect and measure concentration of substances such as proteins, heavy metals, environmental hormones, and DNA.


American Green Technology, Inc., acquired (as a base for lamp sales; deconsolidated in December 2018)

PD-LD, Inc. of the U.S., acquired (as a base for a developer, manufacturer, and seller of solid-state lasers ; currently Necsel Intellectual Property)

Moved hrad office to Marunouchi district in Tokyo

Sunsorit, Inc. acquired (as a base for sales of medical skin care products)

Ushio Opto Semiconductor Co., Ltd. and Ushio Epitex Co., Ltd. merged with Ushio Opto Semiconductor Co., Ltd. as the surviving company.

Ushio Medical Technology (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd. established (as R&D, production, and sales of advanced medical devices, their core components, and peripheral devices.) in China

UV phototherapy device "TheraBeam® UV308 mini"

Handheld version of the TheraBeam UV308, an ultraviolet phototherapy device that uses irradiation with 308 nm excimer light to treat areas affected with conditions such as psoriasis, vitiligo, and atopic dermatitis.

Sheet beam laser

World’s first application of laser diode sheet beam illumination for visualization lighting during fluid analysis


Ushio Enterteinment Holdings, Inc., established (as a base of management business of entertainment-related group companies in Japan.)

High power red laser diode for projector

High output operation and long life, even at high temperatures, are realized by optimization of the active layer structure and luminescence area, together with a package that provides high heat dissipation.

"SWIR LED" high power short wavelength infrared LED

Succeeded in increasing the output of Short Wavelength Infrared (SWIR, or near-infrared) LEDs by approximately 1.5 times compared to conventional LEDs.


Merged Maxray Corporation into Ushio Lighting Co., Ltd.

UV-LED drying equipment for sheet-fed offset presses

New lineup of UV-LED drying equipment for printing, the UniJet UV-LED Series (UniJet) Maintains high illumination and high integrated light intensity even at long irradiation distances.

TheraBeam® UV308 Slim

New model in the “TheraBeam® UV308” series (launched in 2008)

Excimer irradiation unit for semicondutor production

5 times greater illumination than conventional models, with a 60% reduction in size by volume


UV-LED drying equipment for rotary presses

Wood lamp (black light illuminator) “TheraBeam® Woody”

EUV light source for EUV lithography mask inspection for mass production processes

“Actinic” (at-wavelength) EUV lithography mask inspection using high-brightness EUV light is now possible to meet requirements of mass production processes for manufacture of next-generation semiconductors.

659nm high power red laser diode

Achieves the world’s highest CW light output of 1.2W. Enables miniaturization of equipment such as phototherapy devices.

”SP-LED-3” spot UV-LED irradiation unit

Achieves the industry’s greatest high-intensity irradiance.


Ushio light’s support for smart devices

Smart devices (Smartphones and tablets) are a regular feature of our daily lives. Ushio’s light sources and optical equipment are indispensable to the manufacturing processes of such devices. In particular, the advent of Ushio’s photo-alignment tools, which neatly aligns liquid crystal molecules, has improved the performance of high-definition displays that are thin, beautiful, and (thanks to low power consumption) ecologically friendly.


Our corporate goal is to provide light-based solutions fulfilling the keywords of “convenience and comfort,” “excitement and sharing,” and “safety and security.”


Ushio Opto Semiconductors, Inc. merged with Ushio, Inc.

660 nm band single mode laser

Achieved the world’s highest CW light output of 200 mW.

Broad Wavelength Irradiation System “SPIR”

Reduces curing time required for bonding electronic components by irradiating with a wide range of wavelengths (300 to 1000 nm) from infrared (IR) to ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Care222 UV light source module for disinfection and virus inactivation applications

The UV light source module that is the core of “Care222” disinfection and virus inactivation technology that can be used in inhabited environments. Excimer lamp combined with Ushio’s proprietary optical filter block wavelengths that can be potentially harmful to human skin and eyes.

Compact excimer irradiation system

Used for pretreatment of bonding and sealing processes in automotive parts and Smartphone manufacturing processes. Can be installed as-is on existing production lines without special ancillary equipment to solve component cleaning and bonding process issues at minimal cost, assuring improved quality and yields.


Merged Ushio Deutschland GmbH and KreisX GmbH in Germany into BLV Licht- und Vakuumtechnik GmbH.

Changed company name from BLV Licht- und Vakuumtechnik GmbH to Ushio Germany GmbH.

850 nm infrared LED package

Realizes both narrow-angle irradiation and the world’s highest power output (19W). Enables downsizing of irradiation equipment and cost reduction.

UV irradiation unit for disinfection and virus inactivation "Care222 i series"

UV irradiation unit equipped with disinfection and virus inactivation technology, Care222 can be used in inhabited environments. It can be installed like ordinary lighting fixtures, enabling UV irradiation of air and environmental surfaces in inhabited environments, which could not be realized with conventional UV irradiation equipment.

TheraBeam UVA1

Japan’s first UV light that can reach lesions in the previously unreachable “deep dermis” using a 365 nm LED of our own manufacture.

Atmospheric-pressure plasma irradiation system

Air cooling system enables significant size reduction


UV irradiation unit for disinfection and virus inactivation “Care222 i series Moving Light Type i-MVT”

The moving light type enables disinfection of multiple locations with a single unit.

639 nm, 200 mW single mode laser diode

Care222 wide light distribution type UV light source module for disinfection and virus inactivation

Wide light distribution type light source module that can irradiate a wider range with a single unit

Transition from the 1st Section to the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange due to market restructuring of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.

UV irradiation unit for disinfection and virus inactivation “Care222 i series flood type i-FT”

Equipped with a wide light distribution type light source module, it can irradiate a wider range with a single unit.

Ultraviolet phototherapy device for dermatological problems “TheraBeam UV308 mini LED”

Realized long-life, energy-efficient and sustainable “UVB-LED phototherapy”

High power blue laser module

For heating and processing of metals such as gold and copper in a variety of manufacturing processes, achieved significant cost reduction despite its high power with a fiber output of 25W.