Divisions and Group Companies

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  • 日本
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The Ushio Group has established groups of highly qualified professionals with the required expertise in various countries and regions throughout the world as it pursues the development and provision of light products and services of paramount quality. The Group is wholly committed to its work as a group engaged in the creation of light sources that play a critical role in the world's industries and is dedicated to deepening mutual ties and partnerships as the market for light products continues to expand.



Domestic Group Companies

  • Ushio Lighting, Inc.
  • XEBEX Inc.
  • ADTEC Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • YANAKA ADTEC Precision Co., Ltd.

Overseas Group Companies

North America

  • Ushio America, Inc.
  • Necsel Intellectual Property, Inc.
  • Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc.
  • Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc.
  • Event Audio Visual Group, Inc. d.b.a. Nationwide Wholesale Video Inc.


  • Ushio Europe B.V.
  • Ushio Germany GmbH


  • Ushio Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
  • Ushio Asia Pacific (Thailand) Ltd.
  • Ushio Asia Pacific Vietnam Co., Ltd.
  • Ushio Taiwan, Inc.
  • Ushio Korea, Inc.
  • Ushio Hong Kong Ltd.
  • Ushio Shanghai, Inc.
  • Ushio Shenzhen, Inc.
  • Ushio (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
  • Ushio (Shaoguan) Co., Ltd.
  • Ushio Philippines, Inc.
  • Christie Digital Systems USA, Ltd.
  • Ushio Asia Trading Ltd.