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Since our foundation in 1964, it has been our company policy to create new markets for light sources by utilizing and applying light as a form of energy. Accordingly, we have worked consistently on the development of light products that are in high demand within leading industries.

After starting out developing a wide variety of lamps, such as halogen lamps and discharge lamps, we expanded our efforts to include units, applied devices and systems that incorporate these lamps. As a result, our company now offers a large range of products, many of which boast the top market share in niche markets throughout the world.

USHIO has also undertaken business reforms in order to remain an integral part of efforts to achieve a sustainable society. Our business operations, based on openness and fairness and a sharp focus on local needs from an international perspective, have provided the platform for promoting the development of environment-friendly products and materials procurement as well as fulfilling our corporate social responsibility. We are resolutely committed to directing all of our efforts to the creation of corporate value that is truly suited to the 21st century.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Jiro Ushio, Chairman and Ushio Group Representative

Jiro Ushio

Since 1964, we have provided products and services centered on light in the cutting-edge fields of the day. From a start in industrial light sources 50 years ago, our “light” soon developed into modules and systems, and has progressed further today into light-based solutions. Along the way, we have created a host of world-first and global top-share products in an array of fields, most notably in electronics, imaging, and in medical and life sciences.

Today, there is strong demand for highly specialized and sophisticated technology in virtually every sector imaginable. Finding viable solutions to technological issues has also become more challenging and complex. For USHIO, as in the past until now, we believe that “light” remains one of the answers that can solve these many issues.

Right now, the pace of globalization and market changes is quickening, and there is strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility. In this context, as the USHIO Group, we will help realize a more prosperous society through innovation in light. In parallel, we will diligently address issues such as environmental activities, compliance, and social contribution, as we work harder than ever to achieve sustainable growth and improve corporate value.

Your support will be vital to our success going forward.

Kenji Hamashima, President and Chief Executive Officer

Kenji Hamashima