After-sales support

Continually striving for optimum light.
Striving for the satisfaction of each individual customer, Ushio provides "light support" services according to needs and objectives.

  • Rentals

    Load of equipment and components while considering purchase or during repair following sudden failures.

  • Modifications

    We can undertake modification of specifications for existing device hardware (optics and mechanisms) and software.

  • Relocation

    Ask us about help with relocating equipment between business facilities or optimizing equipment layouts.

  • Component Sales

    We pick and ship replacement parts for repairs and use in preventive maintenance.

  • Site Repairs

    We can dispatch technicians to your site to make repairs and assist with recovery.

  • Scheduled Inspections

    We provide evaluation of equipment performance, consumable parts, and component wear.

For Requests and Consultation

Yokohama Division
Global Customer Support Center
6409 Moto-Ishikawa-cho, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi
Kanagawa 225-0004

Reception Hours 9: 00-17: 00 (excluding weekends and holidays)
TEL: +81 45-901-2509 / FAX: +81 45-901-2607

* A charge is assessed for this service. Means of account settlement, and return shipping location and method must be arranged in advance.
* Applies only to products of USHIO INC. or companies who are members of the Ushio group.

<Note Regarding Exportation>

Some of the technologies incorporated in this equipment and products used in this equipment are classified as goods or technologies subject to security trade controls under the provisions of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law. Accordingly, be sure to apply for an export license before removing this equipment from Japan.