Sale, take over, and support of used devices

We handle quality second-hand equipment like you would expect of a genuine equipment manufacturer.

Customers considering purchase

High quality products and service that you would expect from a genuine equipment manufacturer.

  • (1) Volume of information (composite support)
  • (2) Technical strength
  • (3) Fast commissioning
  • (4) Total cost advantage

If you’d like us to buy your equipment

We can make proposals to reduce you financial burden and help you make the most of your assets and facilities.

  • (1) Reducing the burden of disposal
  • (2) Reduction of environmental impacts

Customers seeking support

Ushio provides support for equipment take over by its customers.

* Requires entering a support service agreement.

* Support may not be available depending on product type, model, age, and condition.

Second-hand equipment handled

  • Product name: UV photoresist curing systems Unihard®

    Model: UMA-1002-HC93*

    Year of manufacture: 1993 to 2009

    Application: UV curing for semiconductors

    Features: Work stage temperature control

  • Product name: Full field projection lithography tools

    Model: UX-4***

    Application: For crystal oscillators, LEDs, wafer level chip scale packages, and power devices

  • Product name: Proximity lithography tools

    Model: UX-3***

    Application: Various electronic components, such as MSMS, LED devices, and crystal oscillators

For requests and consultation

Yokohama Division
Customer Service Center
6409 Moto-Ishikawa-cho, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi
Kanagawa 225-0004

Reception hours 9: 00-17: 00 (excluding weekends and holidays)
TEL: +81 45-901-2509 / FAX: +81 45-901-2607

* A charge is assessed for this service. Means of account settlement, and return shipping location and method must be arranged in advance.
* Applies only to products of USHIO INC. or companies who are members of the Ushio group.

<Note Regarding Exportation>

Some of the technologies incorporated in this equipment and products used in this equipment are classified as goods or technologies subject to security trade controls under the provisions of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law. Accordingly, be sure to apply for an export license before removing this equipment from Japan.