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Here we present answers to questions that we frequently receive.

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Research and Technology

  • Does Ushio conduct joint experiments and tests?

    Ushio provides test devices and joint experimental systems/spaces for joint experiments and development and customers who are considering purchase. For details, please see the “Guide to joint experiments and demonstrator devices” page.

  • I’d like to learn about Ushio’s technology.

    As a manufacturer specializing in light, Ushio has a fund of technology related to light sources, illumination and projection optics, alignment, work transport, and power supplies. For details, please see the “Ushio’s light technology” page.

  • Can published papers be obtained?

    Papers can be read in LIGHT EDGE, Ushio’s annual light technology periodical. For details, please see the “LIGHT EDGE” light technology periodical page.

  • Please inquire with regard to technical questions.

    We are constantly open to consultation regarding light-related problems and suggestions for research and development. Please contact us via the “Light-related technologies“ link on the Inquiries page.

About IR

  • I’d like to see past financial results.

    Please see the “IR library” page.

  • What is Ushio’s financial period?

    Accounts are settled on March 31, and results are announced quarterly.

  • I want to see documents that were distributed at the financial results briefing session.

    Please see the “Financial Results” page in the IR library.

  • What is the securities code of Ushio Co., Ltd.?

    It is 6925.

  • I want information about Ushio stocks.

  • When is the stockholders’ meeting?

    The regularly scheduled stockholders’ meeting is held annually in the later part of June.

  • Do you have a special benefits plan for shareholders?


  • On what date is the shareholder dividend payment fixed?

    The dividend payment is finalized on March 31.

  • I’d like to learn about Ushio’s R&D and technology.

    Please see the “&D and Technology”page.

  • I’d like to know more about Ushio initiatives involving the environment.

    Building on the triple foundations of economy, society, and environment, Ushio contributes to realization of a sustainable society by reinforcing sustainable management. For details, please see the “CSR” page.

  • Where can I inquire with regard to investor relations?

Environmental and Social Activities

  • What sort of initiatives is Ushio undertaking?

    Ushio is involved in a wide range of undertakings, such as development of environmentally-friendly products and regional activities. For details, please see the “Environmental and social activities” page.

  • What is Ushio’s policy with regard to environmental communications?

    We conduct communications according to the characteristics of various stakeholders with the objective of deepening mutual understanding.

  • What specific activities does Ushio conduct that contribute to society?

    As members of society, all of our employees actively participate in a range of regional social activities.

  • How does Ushio manage chemical substances contained in its products?

    We have begun working to understand global environmental regulations related to products, and to develop mechanisms for managing product information.

  • Tell me about efforts Ushio is undertaking with regard to “green products.”

    We work to create "super-green" products in which superior consideration is given to environmental aspects.

  • How is Ushio advancing the efficient use of resources?

    Our production centers have achieved zero emissions (effective utilization in excess of 99%). Now we are undertaking discharge reduction.

  • What is the most important thing to consider in taking action against global warming?

    It is vital that individuals be aware of their energy use. Therefore, it is important to provide means of visualizing energy usage.

  • What sort of measures does Ushio take with respect to “environmental risks”?

    Ushio is conducting "environmental risk avoidance" and "environmental risk education" and undertaking risk management to reinforce its environmental management system (EMS).

  • How does Ushio make use of its environmental performance numbers?

    Besides striving for reduced environmental impact, we view such statistics from a management perspective as a basis for reducing waste.

  • How do you verify the results of your environmental investments?

    We use environmental accounting to verify whether or not we have achieved a larger effect in the field of investment, and then tie the results to our environmental activities.


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