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Introducing examples of solutions in line with customers customer’s questions and requirements.

Q1: How can we reduce MTTR (mean time to recovery) and ensure stability of device operation?

Parts with a high possibility of failure can be identified in advance through periodic inspection and calibration. Lamp power supplies and other parts that deteriorate over time should be periodically repaired or replaced before failure.

By concluding a maintenance parts deposit contract, parts can be stocked at the customer’s facility, allowing early remediation and recovery in the event of failure.

Q2: We would like to improve equipment performance and increase throughput.

For example, the resolution of lithography equipment can be enhanced by overhauling or replacing projection lenses. The quantity of light can be increased by simultaneously replacing optical parts such as mirrors inside of lamp units, helping to reduce cumulative lithography time.

Q3: We want to reduce personnel costs and the number of in-house management processes in increase the efficiency of equipment operation.

Remote operation and log acquisition is possible by putting equipment online, facilitating remote maintenance. Additionally, a variety of tools can be installed on computers used by customers to allow direct acquisition of data from equipment, enabling a transition away from analog management to more efficient control.

Further, maintenance and operation efficiency can be realized through maintenance and operation training given by Ushio service engineers dispatched to the customer's facilities.

Q4: We want to modify our equipment’s operating environment (such as by changing location or production line automation).

Ushio provides comprehensive support ranging from pre-relocation data acquisition to verification of post-relocation performance.

Further, when automating production lines, even older equipment’s software can be modified to allow online compatibility.

Q5: Can you handle changes to devices, work materials, and processes?

Use of current equipment can be continued by alteration of alignment mechanisms and work stages (mechanism modification), wavelength alteration (optical modification), and changes in specifications such as processing time.

Q6: We want to make effective use of equipment that is not being used and second-hand equipment.

As a genuine manufacture of equipment, Ushio has the know-how to provide equipment overhaul.

With the conclusion of maintenance contracts, support can also be provided for used equipment acquired independently by the customer.

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Some of the technologies incorporated in this equipment and products used in this equipment are classified as goods or technologies subject to security trade controls under the provisions of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law. Accordingly, be sure to apply for an export license before removing this equipment from Japan.