Request calibration of optical measuring instruments

In order to ensure customers are always provided with "optimum quality light," measurement instruments are evaluated according to the ISO9001 standard and adjusted or repaired to keep them in top condition.

What is calibration?

Calibration is the process of verifying the sensitivity of measurement instruments and making adjustments using standard instruments to ensure correct measurement values. Since the values indicated by measurement instruments change over time, in general calibration is required periodically according to usage environment and handling conditions.

Devices handled

* Please inquire with regard to devices other than those listed below.

  • UV irradiance meter

  • Accumulated UV meter

  • Spectro-reflectance meter

  • Spectral radiometer
    USR-45 Series

  • Super-thin palm top UV irradiance meter
    UIT-θ series

Calibration flow


Is my illumination meter or photodetector defective? In case of doubt:

No. Symptom What to check How to correct
1 Display flickers Is battery dead or battery voltage low? Replace the batteries with new ones
2 The display shows 0 even though UV light is applied Was the illumination meter initialized? Reinitialize the illumination meter
3 Digits displayed change (UIT-150/250 Series) Is the separate type photodetector separator properly connected to the main unit? If the gold-plated pins on the separate type photodetector are bent, straighten them using a standard screwdriver, etc., while taking care to avoid breaking them.

Repair is required in the following cases.

No. Symptom What to check How to correct
1 The display does not show 0 even though no UV light is applied. Is the photodetector cord defective? Electrical short in photodetector cord
2 The display shows 0 even though UV light is applied Is the photodetector cord defective? Wire in the photodetector cord is broken
3 Sudden decline in measured values (sensitivity) Does the photodetector show any external abnormality? Deterioration of the photodetector filter
4 Abnormal noise from inside the photodetector If you shake the photodetector lightly, does it make a rattling noise? The photodetector’s internal filter is loose
5 Abnormal noise from inside the illumination meter If you shake the illumination meter lightly, does it make a rattling noise? Circuit board retaining screws are loose inside the illumination meter

For requests and consultation

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* A charge is assessed for this service. Means of account settlement, and return shipping location and method must be arranged in advance.
* Applies only to products of USHIO INC. or companies who are members of the Ushio group.

<Note Regarding Exportation>

Some of the technologies incorporated in this equipment and products used in this equipment are classified as goods or technologies subject to security trade controls under the provisions of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law. Accordingly, be sure to apply for an export license before removing this equipment from Japan.