Retirement of Chairman and Ushio Group Representative

Ushio Inc. (Head office: Tokyo, President and CEO: Koji Naito, hereinafter “Ushio”) hereby announces that Jiro Ushio, Chairman and Ushio Group Representative, has retired as of today. 
Following a proposal from Jiro Ushio, this matter was resolved at the Board of Directors meeting held today, and Mr. Ushio will now assume the office of Director and Corporate Adviser to Ushio. 

Reason for retirement

Jiro Ushio, Chairman and Ushio Group Representative, has led the management and development of Ushio for 57 years since its establishment in 1964. 
He made this decision aiming to support Ushio from a new position, given that a reliable system has been organized with Ushio’s efforts to strengthen its business foundation and create new business to continuously enhance corporate value. 
He will support the management of Ushio as Director and Corporate Adviser by leveraging his expertise. 

Reference: For Jiro Ushio's profile, please see here.

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