Product discontinuation notice: UV instant curing equipment “Unicure System (lamp type)”

Dear Valued customers,

This notice is to inform you that the sales of new “Unicure System (lamp type)” will be discontinued by the end of September, 2021, due to the difficulty in production continuation by the changes in business environment around this product.

The sales of UV-LED type will be continued.
And, the maintenance and repairment will be continued as follows. 

1. Discontinued model
Product discontinuation UV instant curing equipment “Unicure System(lamp type)”
Successor Model UV-LED irradiation units for several production process (Link)

2. Last order reception date

End of September, 2021
 *Capacity is limited and we may not be able to accept all order. Please contact us as soon as possible.

3. Final product shipment date

End of December, 2021

4. Warranty period
Unicure System After 1 year from shipment
Maintenance, Repairment, Power Supply After 6 months from shipment

5. Maintenance, repairmentacceptance period
Unicure System 7 years after product shipment or the end of December 2028, whichever comes first
Maintenance, repairment power supply Same as above
*Please note that, due to problems such as discontinued parts, it may become difficult to deal with it even within this period.

6. Inquiries regarding this matter

Please contact each overseas group companies.