Environmental Risk Management

Environmental accidents can cause serious environmental pollution. For this reason, it is imperative to prevent the materialization of this risk and introduce operational guidelines to minimize damage in the event of an environmental accident. The Ushio Group views addressing environmental risk as an important social responsibility, and the Group works together to implement environmental risk management measures.

Environmental Risk Management

The Ushio Group inspects storage facilities for harmful agents and other substances, as well as pollution-prevention facilities, at Group companies and business sites. Along with this, we have created environmental hazard maps, conducting environmental risk evaluations and promoting the use of the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle to reduce the risk of environmental incidents.

Specific activities

The business risk management rules stipulate the flow from risk evaluation to response at business establishments in order to reduce business risk. By comprehensively evaluating the equipment at each site based on the probability of problem occurrence and the degree of impact if it occurs, and mapping this information, the risks of each equipment can be understood at a glance. We make decisions on inspections, repairs, and updates according to urgency so that risks can be reduced.

Creating Hazard Maps and Conducting Environmental Risk Investigations

Ushio has created hazard maps for business sites, excluding offices, thereby clarifying the locations where there are risks of accidents or disasters occurring. Once created, we regularly review these hazard maps.
In addition, we use hazard maps to conduct environmental risk inspections at least once a year, and to check the status of chemicals storage management, the maintenance and operational status of facilities and equipment, and suchlike.