Bioconjugate Chemistry

Insight into the Working Mechanism of Quenchbody: Transition of the Dye around Antibody Variable Region That Fluoresces upon Antigen Binding.

Hiroyuki Ohashi†‡, Takashi Matsumoto†, Hee-Jin Jeong†§, Jinhua Dong§, Ryoji Abe‡, and Hiroshi Ueda*†§
† Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo,
‡ Ushio Inc, 6
§ Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology,


The results clearly suggest that the antigen-dependent fluorescence quenching and recovery of Q-body is caused by the movement of the dye within and around scFv, which moves out of scFv upon binding with its antigen.

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